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A farewell to arms

"Go, baby," says Hayden as Aaron begins their last leg. "Go, baby, go!" calls Kris as Jon begins their last leg. "Good job, baby," Hayden says. I sense a theme. And then Aaron is done, and he and Hayden are leaving, and Aaron is congratulating himself for "smoking" Jon just as Hayden "smoked" Kris. Yeah. Enjoy it while you can, dude. At the end of the day, man, you're still going home with her. Kris is all, "Nice work, baby, nice work," as the smoked Jon finishes and they get their clue. I'm not sure they were all that badly smoked. In the cab, Kris observes with a grin, "It's been a long time since we ran on a track." See, she's practically smoke-proof, because she doesn't care. Unlike, say, Hayden.

And here comes the trailing charter flight. Hornio runs out and gets a cab, while Nuance stays inside long enough for Kendra to hit the potty again. Poor thing. That really does feel so bad. They get going eventually, as Kendra laments her constant need for "restroom stops." Delicately said, like the flower she is.

Oh, and at the airport, Lori gives Bolo a "let's go, baby" on the way inside, so she might want to back off the interviewing she's been doing about how contemptuous she is of all the other couples calling each other "baby." Let she who has never addressed her partner as an infant cast the first stone, after all. They head inside, and Bolo asks for tickets to, as near as I can figure, "Sarika Lanka." Everyone play with Bolo! It's fun to add letters! The ticket guy tells them that they'll need to get on a 2:30 flight through Dubai, and that will arrive in Sri Lanka the following morning. That's the only way there, so they book it.

Hornio works on the relay.

Hayden is looking anxiously out the back window of the cab, urging her driver to go "fast, fast." But he doesn't do "fast, fast," so again, they're passed by Kris and Jon, and wind up asking their driver to at least follow the pretty blondes and not lose them. Hayden voices over, in what I am predicting is a portentous comment regarding the very end of the race, that Kris and Jon are tough competition and seem to always get out in front of her and Aaron. Aaron adds that they'd "like to see Kris and Jon gone." Right now, though, Kris and Jon are "gone" only in the "Hayden and Aaron are sucking their exhaust" sense. And nothing could make me happier, speaking solely for myself. (Did you know that in early seasons, I used to feel obligated not to root openly for anyone? It's true. I know!)

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