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Freddy the Poncho Man is reading, with Kendra, the relay clue. Kendra gamely puts on the pinney representing her team, even though she says -- understandably -- that running isn't exactly what she and her sick tummy feel like doing right now. Nuance's first local and Hornio's second one finish at the same time, so Rebecca starts her team's last leg when Kendra is starting her team's second. Rebecca, being clearly a pretty good athlete as well as the one of these two girls who's not currently battling waves of nausea, takes off like a shot as Kendra gamely hobbles around the track. Kendra explains that this made her stomach tie into knots, and put her in some significant pain. I have to say, I understand. I'm currently battling hangover-related nausea, and if I had to go out and run a relay race right now, I might very well kick the bucket completely. Kendra comments that she "ran like an 80-year-old woman," and yes, those are contemptuous snorts you hear from your local senior center. Hornio finishes the race, and then Kendra finally finishes her lap. In the cab, Rebecca calls for "backup oxygen." I'm tempted to help her believe in herself some more, but I'll let it go this time.

Kris and Jon are at the airport, where they head inside and book on Ethiopian Airlines.

Back at the track, Freddy finishes the race. "Great job, tiger," Kendra says. No, I'm just kidding. She says "baby," of course. They read the clue and jump in their cab, begging for a quick ride to the airport. Where, meanwhile, Aaron and Hayden are booking their tickets to Sri Lanka. And in fact, the guy is telling them that this is the only flight that's available. So the implication is that the trailing teams had better shake a tail feather, as Nuance is trying to do in its cab by harassing its driver. Unfortunately, Freddy is currently quite certain they're being taken in the wrong direction. Uh-oh. He therefore makes the driver turn around. Hornio, on the other hand, snags tickets on that 2:30 PM flight. We see Nuance arrive at the airport, but Freddy is bickering fairly good-naturedly with the driver over the fare. He makes the comment, "I'll give you five, you give me ten," which caused a lot of head-scratching among the EEFPs, but it makes sense -- it's what you'd say if you only had a twenty and a five and you wanted to pay the guy fifteen, for instance. You'd hold out your twenty and say, "I'm not giving you twenty, but I'll give you five more, and then you give me ten back." It's not a scam, I don't think. The driver tries to argue that it's not enough, but Freddy is unfazed and chuckles that the guy is doing fine. They head inside, apparently unaware of the tight schedule they face -- or that's what we're being led to believe, anyway. Certainly is a lot of damn lollygagging going on. When they get to the counter, the flight is boarding, but after yet another rattlesnake noise, we learn that indeed, they are getting on the flight. So, thus far, that's one bunch at the charter flights and one bunch at the airport, and we're fifteen minutes into the episode. "This is a whole new race for us," Freddy comments. Well, you do get about three new ones a day this season.

Everyone flies to Sri Lanka together via Dubai. Phil explains that when they get there, they'll need to grab a train to Galle. We watch the flight land, and then everyone is running through the airport. They all hop into taxis, as Rebecca tries to find a guy who knows the train station by using the time-honored "choo-choo!" war cry. In their cab, Hayden and Aaron are marveling at the crazy driving of their guy, who's taking them down the wrong side of the road while other cars whiz by and practically smash right into them. Lori and Bolo pass them. And guess what? In her cab, our Kendra is all unhappy about the fumes and the gross and the ick. This is so not like the monorail at Epcot. But -- guess what Kris has to say. No, really, guess. Okay, here it is: "It's absolutely gorgeous here. There are elephants in the street." And so there are. Oh, sure, she probably didn't really find everything beautiful all the time, but yes, you should be able to stop and appreciate elephants in the street. In an interview, she says it was "actually really cool." And you can tell she means it, too, from the smile.

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