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A farewell to arms

Hornio finally gets a cab to the train station, but they're now lagging behind.

First to the train station are Lori and Bolo, and then Nuance and Hayden and Aaron. Hornio harasses its driver to go faster. The lead three teams cram themselves onto a crowded train. Hayden is unhappy about having nowhere to sit. Well, judging by past seasons, she should be happy she has a place to stash a boob that isn't already occupied by somebody's paw. Freddy calls it "the ugliest train [he's] ever been on." And if you didn't come prepared for that, you could not be more on the wrong show. Oh, and you will be surprised to hear that Kendra's reaction to the inside of the train is, "Oh, my God." Like many things, this train makes Kendra want to throw up. And find the embassy immediately to file a protest. Kris and Jon make this same train with little time to spare. "This is going to be...interesting," he chuckles as they board. But when Hornio shows up, they learn that their train leaves at 9:00. And what time is it now? Oh, it's 7:30. Because the other train is leaving, and they -- and only they -- are not so much on it. Rebecca quizzes a guy at the train station and learns that all the other teams were in the train station, but...they're not anymore. I love the guy a little bit for the way he says, "They went away! With backpacks and everything! They went away." Hee hee. Indeed. As El Hornio and Rebecca wait around, though, he begins to lose his temper. "They all left, but us!" he snaps. "Why are you yelling at me?" she says with exhaustion, which I understand, but...I just can never feel sorry for her, and I'm not sure why. ["Because she's totally that popular girl who would chat you up out of nowhere one day, invite you over to her house, say she liked your Pumas, and then go, 'Psych!' and walk off laughing." -- Sars] "We just lost the whole game," says El Hornio, throwing down his backpack. Oh, El Hornio. You could never lose the game based on something that happened before the first commercial. You haven't yet hit the task that says, "Hours of operation: Wednesdays, 9:00 AM to 9:15 AM."

Commercials. Nothing like fooling your children into doing menial labor.

When we return to the train station, El Hornio is still pacing. "How did we miss it when we were right behind them all?" he demands to know, apparently a little unclear on what "behind them all" means. "What would you like me to do?" she wonders. He says he doesn't know, but he wants to figure something out, rather than sitting for an hour and a half. I'm not sure what's to be done about a lack of train, but perhaps he can think of something. Maybe he can build one. And hire a conductor, and get it running. But they get outside the train station, and El Hornio has a new plan. He wants to go back to the airport and leave. Quit. Get out. Finally, Rebecca makes one of her first good decisions in dealing with him in quite some time, and says, "Okay, let's get a cab." So she heads out to hail a cab, and you can see him being like, "Um." Because that's not what she was supposed to do at all. But she yells, "Taxi!" And she starts to explain what they're doing to the cab driver -- they're going to the airport, because El Hornio wants to quit. El Hornio tries to turn it around on her, asking her whether she wants to sit around and wait for the train instead, but she doesn't blink, she just sarcastically claps about how no, she doesn't want to, they should quit! Let's just quit! What they don't show -- and again, here, the Insider is totally worth it -- is that Rebecca actually went through, like, a ten-minute routine about how she was going to, as El Hornio apparently wanted, run around looking for their cab driver so that they could yell at him for making them late. It was really rather funny, and while it's not an approach I would recommend for day-to-day conflict resolution with your beloved, he's gotten so freaked out by this point that there's little else she could have done. But anyway, they just cut directly here to El Hornio snapping at her not to talk to him anymore, and her being like, "Yeah, that's not too tough." Hee. I loved her in that scene, even though most of the time, she bugs.

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