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A farewell to arms

The front four teams de-train at Galle. They go to find tuk-tuks. Lori and Bolo are the first into one. Then Nuance, then Kris and Jon, and then Hayden and Aaron. Everyone cheers their respective tuk-tuk drivers. Aaron comments that he wouldn't mind having one of these to drive around in at home. But I'm thinking he'd want one that doesn't come with the girl in it. At least not this girl. Some very fast and reckless tuk-tukking follows. The teams come screeching up to the clue box, and they all run for it. Lori and Bolo get there first, and they pull the clue, which is a Detour. The choices are Tree Trunks or Elephant Trunks. As Phil explains, Tree Trunks involves a two-mile trip to a coconut plantation where each person will basically climb a tree and complete a ropes course. Elephant Trunks requires you to travel about as far to an elephant polo field, where each person will have to ride an elephant and dribble with a polo mallet and then score a goal.

Lori and Bolo pick the trees, Nuance picks the elephants, Kris and Jon take the trees, Hayden and Aaron take the trees.

On the Hornio Train of Misery that has finally departed, Rebecca is telling El Hornio that they're an hour behind, so if there's an elimination, they'll clearly be sent packing. Great attitude. Another painful scene follows between the two of them in which she's hot and sweaty and tired, and she wants him to back off, and he doesn't want to, and it's got her near tears, and he just doesn't understand that she literally wants physical distance at this particular moment, and the last thing she wants is him in her face. And he's trying to hug her, which is so, so wrong. These people are horrible at reading each other, which is really strange, for a couple that's known each other a while. I would be better at fighting with either of them than they are at fighting with each other.

But at the coconut plantation, Lori and Bolo are heading up the tree, as Lori interviews that they knew they'd want to do this, because they climbed trees when they were little. I thought it was going to be because they're related to trees, but they don't go in that direction. I'm telling you, they should have. Anyway, the next thing you know, Lori is scampering up the tree.

Elsewhere, Nuance is pretty cheery as they get on the elephant, with Freddy explaining that it might have been their only shot at riding an elephant, so they thought they'd "go have some fun." I also suspect that Kendra's stomach was in no shape for death-defying stunt work, considering that it was barely in shape for a cab ride in which she couldn't hang her head out the window the entire time. Freddy rides the elephant first, and what does Kendra call out to him? "Go, baby." Sigh. What I wouldn't give for one good "doll."

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