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A farewell to arms

"Got to get up there, girl!" Bolo shouts to Lori as she finishes the tree-climbing. As she heads out onto the rope, Kris and Jon arrive. Hayden and Aaron show up next. She explains that she's "terrified of heights," which you might think would have made her rethink doing this Detour option, but...okay. Bolo is ordering Lori to "walk, walk, walk" as Hayden is just starting out, as is Jon. All the various partners cheer as people make their way up into the trees and, in Lori's case, across the rope. Jon is the king of the ropes course, and skitters across with no problem, then heads back down. Bolo continues to try to coach a struggling Lori. But she's not struggling as much as Hayden, who finds her bony self all akimbo out on the ropes and has no idea what to do. She's all screaming and teetering, and it's...well, it's just, um, not funny at all, is what it isn't. No, really -- I was coughing.

Freddy laughs happily as he rides his elephant. "It's a lot better than climbing a tree," he says.

Jon finishes the tree and Kris takes over. "My girl's rockin' it," he says. But Hayden, on the other hand, remains terrified, and seems to have no idea how to move without falling. I think for one thing, she's now shaking so hard that she's kind of screwing herself. She's the height of efficiency -- she's self-sabotaging! Elsewhere, Lori's arms and legs are so tired that she lowers herself until she's sitting on the rope, and then she slides across on her behind, which I would think cannot be the easiest way, but I guess whatever works is whatever works. Kris, however, rocks indeed, and she and Jon are the first by a good margin to finish the Detour. Bolo interviews that Kris and Jon are the strongest competition for him and Lori in the race. And they're off!

Kris and Jon's fresh clue tells them to travel to the city of Kandy by bus, which Phil tells us will be about a 70-mile trip. There, they'll go to the art association, buy an offering, and take it to the Temple of the Tooth (hee) to present it to a monk.

Hayden continues to spaghetti-leg the ropes course. She interviews that she was afraid she'd fall, or her support rope would break. "I don't know if I can do this!" she screams. Well, this is suspenseful. Maybe she'll quit. Yeah, probably.

Commercials. I still kind of like Susan Sarandon, even though she's crazy and self-important and thinks that the Academy Awards is a dinner party at her house where everyone wants to hear her wax rhapsodic about her political epiphanies.

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