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A farewell to arms

When we return, Hayden is screeching. Still. She has reached the other side, though, so she's retrieved the jug thing that they have to get, and only has to get back and get down. I'm sure Aaron is looking forward to it, if only so she can shut up. Because she's still whimpering. Lori, on the other hand, is just about done, so Bolo is heading up the tree. Lori cheers for him. When Hayden finally lands, still all sniffly, Aaron comforts her for about four tenths of a second, and then he heads up the tree. Yes, she has now literally driven him up a tree, so that's got to be some kind of benchmark for excellent translation of subtext to text. As he goes, Hayden snorfles her way through an interview about how scared she was, and whaaaaatever. It's a tree, dear.

Oom-pah-pah music that seems a bit German for Sri Lanka plays as Freddy rides his elephant and smacks the polo ball for a goal. Maybe the elephant is German. He and Kendra laugh and kiss. And it doesn't matter how fast you do stuff in the middle of the leg, so they're understandably in no hurry. She climbs up on the elephant and waves her arm triumphantly.

As Hornio rides the train into Galle, Rebecca voices over that she wants to win, so if she has to so "sucking it up and being his girlfriend," then she'll do that. We watch them share a small smooch. Ew. That was gross. If she's jerking him around for the money, that's not cool, and I don't feel sorry for her. Mixed Messages: They're A Bad Thing. Anyone who has studied reinforcement in monkeys could tell you that. El Hornio interviews in the train station that he isn't giving up, and neither will Rebecca, even though they're behind. They hop in a tuk-tuk.

At the bus station in Galle, Kris and Jon are looking for a bus to Kandy. They go and wait in line.

Back at the Detour, Bolo is making his way across the ropes. Lori, unsurprisingly, disapproves of his technique. Hayden, on the other hand, yells nothing but approval for her baby. By the time the guys both get down, Lori and Bolo are just a hair ahead of Hayden and Aaron. Tuk-tuks ahoy! And Lori and Bolo, by the way, are fighting in the tuk-tuk, because that's what they do. In tuk-tuks, in buses, in onesies in public...that's what they do.

Kendra enjoys her elephant. She interviews that she really enjoyed the friendly, kind elephant, and felt much better. "You're the master of pachyderms," Freddy tells her. After we check in quickly with Hornio at the Detour clue, we return just in time to see Kendra score her much-needed goal. Goooooal! They receive their clue for Kandy, and they take off. Maybe it's just relative to other people, but she bugged me less than usual this week.

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