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The brothers arrive at the mat, and Dan gives a little wolf-howl at the sight of the model. You're already out, dude. Phil gives them a rather severe look before telling them they're team number two, and the brothers hug happily. In their hotel room afterward, Sam says, "Every team's going to be thinking of us as second or third place, second or third place, so they're not gonna see us coming from behind and taking the million from them." Back at the mat, they resolve to catch Meghan and Cheyne, and even Phil asks doubtfully if they think they can do it. "We have twice before, so why not again?" Dan asks. Uh, because of the eight times they didn't?

The sun comes up, and the last seconds of the Globetrotters' penalty tick away. Big Easy returns to the supervisors' office, and gets handed his a clue. Man, those poor guys had to stay up all night too? No wonder they were in such a sour mood. It's like they knew.

That must be a hellish long walk back to the bar for Brian and Ericka, because it's full daylight by the time they return. "Looks like the party died," Brian observes, setting his tray of beers down next to the bartender who's now dozing outside his locked door. He hands them their clue, and they're off to the Pit Stop. "Sorry to keep you up all night," Brian says, and they leave him sleeping there again, surrounded by thirty beers. One can only imagine what people might think about the night he had, walking by this dude who's passed out surrounded by pint glasses that are still full. In the cab on the way there, Brian hopes the other Detour was just as hard as the one they chose. "It took us all night long."

Flight Time and Big Easy get a cab to the Kryocentrum, Flight Time remaining optimistic and hopeful, because what else are they going to do? Quit again?

Brain and Ericka reach the mat, and when Phil tells them they are the third team to arrive, they go ballistic with joy. Even Brian seemed certain they were done. In their jubilation. Brian throws Ericka up in the air so high I think they're both going to end up in the river, but once again they avoid disaster, because that's what they're all about. Ericka admits that they've made their share of mistakes, but plan to keep fighting. "We're in it to win it," Brian says.

Flight Time and Big Easy, in last place and a full Detour behind, reach the clue box outside Kryocentrum, but their clue doesn't say the same thing the others' did. "Make your way to the next Pit Stop," Flight Time reads. They grab a cab, and Big Easy says they're not done racing until Phil tells them. Flight Time adds. "We're Globetrotters, we travel the word, but all the things we've done on the race have been new to us. Experiences that we'll have for the rest of our lives. We can always look back and say that we did it." Well, except for during this leg.

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