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Kafka'ed Up

Brian and Ericka have finally reached the Spanish Synagogue, and they open up their Speed Bump clue which says, "Pay a visit to the Green Fairy." Suddenly Phil's in a tiny but trendy barroom full of women, the only dude in the place other than one bartender as he explains about the Speed Bump that only Brian and Ericka have to complete. Phil says they'll need to find this place, the M1 Lounge, where the bartender will show them how to prepare a shot of absinthe. Phil describes this as "a complicated three-step process," which sounds like kind of an oxymoron. We see the bartender in quick-cuts, pouring the shot, lighting a sugar cube, and then dropping it into the liquid. After Brian and Ericka drink their shot, they'll be able to get going again. Brian leads them into a neighboring bar, where the bartender directs them "right over there." Easy enough.

Dan lets us in on his foolproof strategy for completing the Road Block: "Right now I'm writing down random words because I have no clue what any Czech words are and these letters are really random so I'm just guessing, basically." Which is getting him nowhere. Post-leg, he interviews, "The supervisors were, like, the biggest douches ever." I disagree. I find their commitment to their roles delightful, if not Beckettian.

Big Easy has all five letters now, and he joins Dan in the Supervisor's office. He's filling out his form as he sees Dan get slapped down, the bangs of the stamp echoing in the bare room. "That's mean," Big Easy says, getting back to his form, which also turns out to be filled in wrong. "You wanna work together?" Big Easy asks. Dan seems to agree, although in an interview he's clear that it was an alliance of convenience. "They are very independent, on their own, will stab you in the back in a second," Dan claims, as if that's a) a bad thing, and b) not a statement that would also apply if he made it in the first person. They both go through a few more attempts, getting nowhere.

Meghan and Cheyne emerge from cold storage, and very loudly, too. "I feel bad for polar bears," Cheyne jokes lamely. Then apparently they have to go warm up on elliptical trainers for a bit, because that's where they are when an employee brings them their clue. The elliptical trainers are a good choice; you'd want a low-impact workout after being turned into a human popsicle. The clue directs them to Charles Bridge. Phil says this bridge "links the old and new sections of the city." Back in their clothes, they emerge out into the street. Upon second examination, that harp seal on the sign is not waving: he has frozen to death. They get in a cab to get to the bridge.

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