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Sent to Siberia

The last group of teams has finally arrived at the Krasnoyarsk airport, and they race for taxis. En route to the dam, Margie says, "Five teams are fighting for the final four places. One team is going to be eliminated, we think." Not that she'll have anything to do with it.

Meanwhile, the stacking party is still going on, and the drunk Siberian redhead is getting drunker. Mark warns Michael that his tower is getting too tall without any mutual support from any middle logs, and sure enough, it topples -- into the model wall, bringing down half of it along with theirs. "Ohhh, that sucks," both other teams say, independently of one another. So now the Stuntmen have two stacks to build.

A post-ad replay later, Mark makes the executive decision to switch Detour options. "Mark and Mike just got beat by girls," Jodi says. As the Stuntmen head back up to the village, they agree that fixing it would have meant another two hours minimum. The two remaining teams try to hurry to beat each other, and I'm sure this Siberian town thanks Mark and Michael for coming in and vandalizing part of their heat supply for the impending winter.

In the cab ride to the dam, Amanda and Kris's taxi passes Margie and Luke's. Margie says that Amanda and Kris would beat easily them in a footrace, and as they reach the clue box, that's what happens. Well, actually, they might just be beating Margie, but that still counts. Mel and Mike are right behind those two teams, getting their clue in sixth. Team Go Team arrives just in time to see Kris and Amanda returning from the clue box, with Victor and Tammy getting there last as Luke and Margie leave. Victor rushes Tammy along, telling her, "You can do this!" To his credit, he does not appear to be leading her to Mongolia.

In the village, a dog freaks out on Mark. "Mark, leave the dog alone," Michael says, like Mark started it. By the way, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that was a Siberian Husky. They find the workshop, staffed by a cadaverous John Cleese lookalike seated at a lathe, who nods at them in greeting. They pick up their shutter segments and take them outside, then decide that it might be less labor-intensive to find where they need to go before assembling them. They begin to wander down the long, narrow street. "This is going to take all day," Mark says. Kind of early for that attitude. Plenty of time for that later, believe me.

Kisha and Jen, the taller of the two teams stacking wood, get finished first by a narrow margin. A dude in a fur hat the size of a microwave gives them their clue, which is sending them to the museum of the novel, "The Last Bow," which fortunately is right there in town. Oh, and caution: U-Turn ahead.

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