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Sent to Siberia

"Lord protect me," Kisha says as she jogs over to be strapped into the bobsled. She's still waiting to be launched when the Flight Attendants arrive, and Jodi tells Christi to do this one. Kisha gets started down the course, having a great time. She spots COHKEH, but misses the final V. She completes the course with five seconds to spare, but only got six letters. Time to head back for another try, as Jen makes a pouty bitchface. It kind of looks like the Lord will need to protect Kisha from her sister more than from the bobsled ride.

Meanwhile, back at the Detour, Mel and Mike are making good progress. "Be careful of that, dad, it's totally jiggling," Mike warns of one of their support columns. At least I hope that's what he's talking about. Tammy and Victor are trying to ignore how other teams are doing. Amanda tells Kris not to lean on the woodpile, and decides on a new division of labor wherein she hands him logs and he stacks. The cheerleaders notice this, and get kind of judgmental about it, even making comments to Margie. "No surprise that down there, Kris is stacking while she gives direction." Well, Kris is like a foot taller. Team Go Team interviews about how much they love Luke and Margie, and appreciate them. "Girls rule, boys drool," one of them says at the task. Yes, grrl powrrr, you bet, absolutely. But less talking and more doing, please.

Back in the village, Mark and Michael are still wandering around. "It says a house nearby. This isn't nearby," Michael says. So they decide to go back. You never know, they might spot the right house on the return walk. They might also transfigure into the wooden shutters themselves.

Christie has started the bobsled course, and is riding the brake a bit. At the end of the course, Jodi comments to Jen that she's not looking good on time. But she not only comes in at four minutes flat, she's got all seven letters. The way it works is that at the end of the course, a guide hands them a little whiteboard and a marker to write down the letters they saw, and if they get them right, they get to move on to the unscrambling field, which is just up the hill from the end of the bobsled course. That's what Christie now does, while Kisha begins her second run. Christie finds herself a little stack of seven letters on wooden plaques. She'll need to slot them into a standing column so they'll spell "Chekhov," but Russian playwrights turn out to not be Christie's strong suit. "There's no way to guess, I have no clue!" she complains to Jodi, who's waiting for her at the bottom of the hill, and couldn't help if she wanted to. Well, staring at her partner instead of the letters isn't going to get her anywhere.

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