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Sam and Dan finish the Detour in fourth place. As we catch up with Maria and Tiffany with their animal, Tiffany interviews, "I was gasping for breath like I've never gasped before." Well, for a while, at least, she's pulling the animal by herself while Maria handles the balloons and the directions. Couldn't Maria at least lighten the load by tying the balloons to the wolf or something? Did the race start before Up came out? Tiffany adds that they're the only team that doesn't have "a man to lean on." Well, not since Dan and Sam went on ahead, that is.

Mika and Canaan get underway with an elephant. Thanks to some confusion on the part of Team Asperger's and Team Inside Straight, Brian and Ericka finish the task in fifth place. Brian looks at the clue and reads, "'Intersection of D--"we have to show it [to the cabbie]." Heh. They're off, and again they clasp hands in the cab. "Team Zebra," they say. That's adorable. I wish I felt like I could get away with calling them that long-term.

Meghan and Tiffany finish up in sixth place. It turns out their rolling suitcases also have backpack straps, and Tiffany has picked this moment, when she's on the verge of pulling a Margie, to try them out. She seems to avoid passing out in the cab, though.

Zev and Justin are getting their clue as Lance hovers around them, yelling, "Where's the balloon lady, guys? Please! Balloon lady!" Surprisingly, the gazelles don't give the lion directions. They're off in seventh while Keri is climbing over the railing of a gazebo, yelling, "Where's the balloon lady?" until Lance screams at her to come back. Lance hulks their animal into place, nearly crushing a chair in the process. They're in eighth, and Mika and Canaan finish up in ninth.

So that would put Marcy and Ron in tenth place, and since they're trying to solve their puzzle by looking for signs that include words made up of the letters they have, I don't see that changing any time soon.

Flight Time and Big Easy arrive at the next clue box, which is indeed at an intersection, as advertised. A big old stack of derelict VCRs (as though there's any other kind) is leaning against it. Flight Time reads the Road Block question: "Who's ready for a complete breakdown?"

Over a shot of a whole crew of locals on their haunches on the sidewalk busily picking away at VCRs, Phil informs us, "In Vietnam, almost everything that can be recycled is." The Amazing Editors show us a small sledgehammer, a set of tin snips, and a pair of pneumatic screw guns as Phil tells us that each person will use those tools to dismantle two VCRs and put the parts into piles. And that's it. Flight Time is taking this one, and he takes the time to watch the demo before getting started. He's going to regret spending that time when he watches this episode at home.

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