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Finally Lance an Keri reach the Road Block, just as Tiffany's finishing up, putting Team Inside Straight in sixth place.

Sam and Dan scramble onto the mat as dorkily as usual, in fifth place. If nothing else, they seem to have a knack for moving from the back of the pack to the middle.

At the Road Block, Lance is making up time, by making up rules, ignoring all the tools save the hammer and pretty much smashing the thing apart with his bare hands. And screaming, of course, to the point where the people who come here daily and endure the racket of the screw guns and the hammer blows and the clatter of components are looking over at him, like, "Dude, cold you keep it down?" "It was kind of the man thing to do," Lance says in an interview afterwards. If you put "cave" before "man." Marcy and Ron get out of their cab near the corner just as Canaan is finishing up and getting his and Mika's clue in seventh place. The complication of Lance's brute force and the destructive power of Keri's voice soon causes their second VCR to succumb, and he gets their clue despite just having thrown all the pieces in random directions as far as I can tell. Justin looks up as Zev impatiently tells him they're last (well, not counting the team that hasn't arrived yet, Zev). "Just smash it out!" Zev yells in frustration. Lance and Keri are off in search of a cab, officially in eighth place, and Justin finally abandons finesse and gets his and Zev's clue in ninth. And I bet they'll be able to recycle just as much raw material from his VCRs as they will from Lance's.

They're gone by the time Marcy and Ron arrive, and before Ron gets started, he doesn't fail to notice that theirs is the last clue in the box. Meanwhile, out on the street, Justin and Zev score a cab just before Lance and Keri do, and Lance calls that "the luck of the draw." Although it looks more like Team Asperger's had their cab wait for them, and that's the one Lance tried to claim (though, to his credit, he backed off the second Justin set him straight). So that's more like "the luck of the team that thought ahead more than three seconds."

Ron finishes up his first VCR, and after we see Maria and Tiffany check in as team number six, Marcy tells her camera while Ron works, "When we first met, he told me he was really handy." So if she ever needs a VCR destroyed, she'll know who to call. Mika and Canaan are team number seven, which they seem pretty happy about. Almost as happy as Ron and Marcy as they get their clue in last place. Marcy whistles for one last cab (spoiler!).

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