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Brothers Sam and Dan are leaving at 5:55, in second place. Dan quickly hollers out to the first taxi he sees, but Sam reasonably points out that Gary and Matt are kind of already loading their gear into the trunk of that one. In an interview, Sam explains that aside from being gay, they're completely different from each other. For example, Dan is quite impatient and easily frustrated, and we see ample evidence of this in their search for the cab. Sam, the older brother, says he's more laid back. Well, he is, except when Dan's whining gets on his nerves. Then, as we now see, he becomes impatient and easily frustrated.

Since Flight Time and Big Easy (that's the Harlem Globetrotters team, in case you're having trouble placing those names) were right behind the brothers at the end of the last leg, they're leaving one minute later, at 5:56. As they jog into town to find a cab, Big Easy drops a bit of a bomb on us: "I lost my dad two days before the race." In an interview clip, both of them are wearing t-shirts that read C-RICH, which I assume is a reference to Big Easy, Sr. In an interview, Big Easy says that when he was growing up in the projects of New Orleans, his dad told him that you can do whatever you want no matter where you come from. And his dad's last words to him were, "Win the damn race." Dude, no pressure or anything. And won't anyone who beats them just feel like an asshole?

Lance and Keri are just one more minute behind, at 5:57. "I'll let you lead, but let's not waste a lot of time," Lance says from behind Keri as they jog through town. Classy as always. In an interview, he says the race is harder than they expected, and he calls it "Survival of the fittest." Back in My Tho, Lance reminds Keri that they have to go to Ho Chi Minh City. "We are in Ho Cho Minh City," Keri retorts, and the soundtrack music contributes one of its popular "FAIL" sound effects as she mistakes this little fishing village for the largest city in Vietnam. WHICH THEY'VE BEEN TO. As the interview continues, Lance goes on boasting about how awesome they are, while we see them wandering around looking for a theater and Lance getting pissed at her. "Really, the truth of the matter is, we're the lions, and some of these teams are running like a pack of gazelles or zebras. And we're gonna take 'em down." Gotta catch 'em first. Back in the race, Keri gets tired of Lance's carping and says, "My help's not working. Go." Oddly, he doesn't seem to appreciate her attitude.

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