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It looks like the next four teams are all arriving at the theater at about the same time: Maria|Tiffany, Sam|Dan, Marcy|Ron, and Lance|Keri. As Meghan and Cheyne agree that he did good, those four teams all have a member lined up on the edge of the pool, trying to grab for a clue. Tiffany interviews about how her flirty technique didn't work on the puppets.. Yeah, it's not working on Sam and Dan, either. Speaking of whom, Sam is the first of these teams to get a clue, so now they're in fifth place. With Maria holding onto her leg to help her balance while she leans far out over the water, Tiffany gets the sixth clue. Ron is next, leaving Lance in there alone, soaking his shirt. But at least he finally has a clue. Or have I spoken too soon?

Outside, Team Two Pair (which is what I'm calling Maria|Tiffany and Sam|Dan on those occasions when they team up) figure out that they need to go to the building on the picture and quickly learn from a local that it's the Main Post Office. Ron and Marcy are just one step behind them, but Lance and Keri are completely flummoxed; they think they still need a clue, not realizing that it's already in their possession. "Where's the clue?" Lance demands. "There is none!" Keri says, triggering the gong of "You idiots" over an extreme close-up of the little case in her hand. I assume that was an insert shot, because there was no way even the most Amazing Cameraman would have filmed that without giving it away. Unless I'm overestimating Lance and Keri's intelligence, in which case I deserve a gong sound effect of my own. Meanwhile, Marcy whistles down another cab, and as they drive off, she says, "Hey, my whistle worked again, huh?" "Okay," Ron says impatiently, like talking to her is distracting him from the demanding task of sitting in the back of a taxi that someone else is driving. Back at the theater, Lance is still yelling at Keri over the clue, and they go back so he can show what they've got to the young usher in the lavender tunic posted outside the theater. He just looks at them in confusion. They are at a complete loss. Have they really never before encountered a problem they can't solve by yelling?

Back from commercial, they continue flailing around, even shoving the little clue-case under the noses of the band that's still banging away inside the theater. Finally they figure out that there's a stamp inside, and that maybe the picture is indicating where they need to go (although that wouldn't explain why they got the same photo of the Post Office as everyone else and not a miniature reproduction of a Hieronymus Bosch painting). They return to the streets to ask directions, just as Mika and Canaan are arriving at the theater and running inside. As Lance and Keri finally figure out where they're going and get in a cab, Keri tells him not to yell at her one more time. That should work.

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