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Stumbling Toward Ecstasy

Other Rachel and Dave get their ninth photo and Dave cobbles together a third group from strangers by getting on one knee. Now they just have to pin the printed photos to a board, which they bring back to the photographer and exchange for their next clue. "Make your way to the next Pit Stop," Other Rachel reads over their latest "Currently in 1st Place" subtitle. The Pit Stop would be Osaka Castle, a towering pagoda on an island in the middle of the city, which Phil calls an "urban oasis." He warns, "The last team to check in here will be eliminated. Seriously, I am done fucking around with these idiots." Other Rachel and Dave run to a taxi, Dave hoping to be the first team. I'd have to say it's looking good for that.

But then Art and JJ finally get "bingo" -- by which they mean "sushi" -- by completing the middle row. They high-ten their tablemates -- who I think are actually telling the racers what pieces of sushi they're looking at, which is an aspect of this task that's not exactly being played up -- and then scarf down the sushi, heading out of there in second place. This development sends Rachel's brain into vapor-lock and she and Brendon start snapping at each other even more than they already were. You might not have thought that possible, but it's Brendon and Rachel. JJ tells Art that this is going to get them to the final three. At the sushi bar, Brendon retrieves an inago with an I on it, but Rachel screams at him, "WE NEEDED A U INAGO!" Brendon: "Dude, seriously?" Seriously. Even worse for them, Vanessa and Ralph catch up and Vanessa clearly already knows her sushi, while Team Big Brother continues to melt down.

Other Rachel and Dave get to Osaka Castle and run across the grounds to where Phil is standing in front of the mat next to a couple of young locals who are dressed and coiffed like J-Pop stars. Phil wastes no time saying that they're team number one and adds, "You're one of the three teams who will be racing to the finish line for one million dollars. You have tied the record for the most number of wins on The Amazing Race with seven wins. Congratulations!" What's more, they've won a trip for two to what Phil refers to as "stunning New Zealand," and he would know. "You know that that is my homeland and I promise you that's a good trip," he assures them. Dave interviews, once again, that he and Other Rachel have proven themselves to be the best team. Other Rachel agrees that they're going to make history. "I just know it, right?" Dave just kisses her. Which at least means he isn't talking.

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