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Stumbling Toward Ecstasy

Art and JJ aren't even happy to see the island that hosts this week's Pit Stop, because as Art complains, it's a "big ol' stinkin' facility." One of the most beautiful places in Japan, he calls that. At the sushi bar, Brendon and Rachel finally pull it together long enough to complete the "U" column on their board and as the whole place cheers, Ralph tells Vanessa not to worry about them, even though Team Big Brother is leaving in third place. And after all, why would Vanessa stop paying attention to Rachel now? During the cab ride, Rachel dramatically says, "The final three Pit Stop. We have to go, we have to make it there." Art and JJ are currently wandering around the grounds aimlessly. And Vanessa and Ralph get a diagonal "sushi" from the lower left corner to the upper right without a lot of extraneous pieces, so they actually did that pretty efficiently. They quickly eat and clear out of there in last place as Ralph reads from the clue, "Warning, the last team to check in will be eliminated." They're still in last place and in the cab to the Pit Stop, Vanessa lies that she hates to wish misfortune on anyone. "But I'm really hoping that another team got lost or got abducted by aliens." Do we get to pick which team?

Art and JJ look over a wall into the moat surrounding the island and see nothing in the way of a mat or a tall Kiwi game show host. Brendon and Rachel show up and are spotted by the Border Patrol. Needless to say, the two teams do not join forces to hunt for the mat. "God-dog it, man!" JJ non-curses, since they're still no closer to finding Phil. Suddenly there's a four-way footrace up some stairs to... nothing. Vanessa, still in the cab with Ralph, says she hopes their luck is kicking in right now. Looks like it is, because the other two teams still haven't found Phil when the ads hit. Still, that luck is going to have to kick pretty damn hard.

The Phil-hunt continues after the ads and Vanessa and Ralph are out of their cab by now -- at least according to the editing. She says they'll have to run. Injury or not, she's going to reach that mat if she's dragging a half-severed foot by a single Achilles tendon. Finally JJ spots Phil through the trees and leads Art in that direction. "Give me all you got, Art," he says as they jog oldly to the mat. "Good hiding place, Phil," JJ pants. Phil congratulates them on being team number two and in the final three. Art's so happy he hugs Phil. Despite their losing streak, they still seem convinced they're going to win the race. "I know it for a fact," Art insists. Well, at least he still has something to look forward to.

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