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Stumbling Toward Ecstasy

Art and JJ are starting out more than a half hour later, at 4:47 PM. "Last one, let's do it," JJ says. Art is dancing happily on the mat until JJ all but drags him off. JJ interviews that they have what it takes to win. "We didn't come here to be second or third. We visualized it. We talked about it. We see it." Enjoy it while you can, then.

Brendon and Rachel are the last to leave at 5:05 PM, which means that after the Border Patrol reached the mat, it took Team Big Brother almost another twenty minutes to find Phil. It's almost dark at his hour, which, along with the winter gear everyone's wearing (including this team's matching fur earflap hats) indicates it's the dead of winter in Osaka. Hawaii will be a very welcome change indeed. Team Big Brother "alohas" their way off the mat as Rachel interviews that they're the underdogs, but they're pretty determined. You know, as long as nothing goes wrong for them in any way.

Other Rachel and Dave get to the Osaka airport and get themselves on the one Hawaiian Airlines flight that day direct to Honolulu. I don't know why anybody is still surprised at everyone being on the same flight this late in the game, let alone this late in the show's history, but Other Rachel remarks on it anyway. Looks like it leaves at 11:15 that night. The last three teams look like the first ones onto the plane, if not the only ones. JJ says they'll grab some sleep in the twelve-hour flight and then jump out and win it. "Second place'd just almost feel like a waste," he says. The plane lifts off into the darkness and the Amazing Red Line makes one long, last trip over the Pacific as Phil obviouses, "All teams are now flying to their final destination: Honolulu, Hawaii." Which looks as lovely as I remember it. It's a race down the jetway and through the terminal as the final three teams run (most of them nearly empty-handed, as all but Team Big Brother have ditched their backpacks somewhere) in search of taxis. Other Rachel and Dave score theirs first, followed by Art and JJ, who simply tell their driver to follow Other Rachel and Dave's cab. Now look who's following. Finally Brendon and Rachel (who is resplendent in green Spandex shorts and a sequined top that all but screams "screw you, Vanessa") score a taxi, but their driver wants an actual address rather than just being told "Mauka and Makai." JJ is already frustrated when they almost lose sight of Other Rachel and Dave's car up ahead, so last-leg panic is setting in early. Other Rachel is wondering aloud to their driver if they need to Google, but he explains that "Mauka" means mountain and "Makai" means facing the ocean. He applies this to the twin towers they mentioned and Dave figures that he's "solved the riddle." Brendon and Rachel ask their driver for a Google search, but the Taxi dispatcher tells them they want Waterfront Towers, so they're on their way, which means only Art and JJ don't know where they're going. But they're still following Other Rachel and Dave, who is bonding with their driver over their shared Army background and then asking him to lose the cab behind them. JJ admits that they're driving blind. As the taxis get caught up in traffic, Other Rachel and Dave pull away. "Should have never just grabbed a cab," JJ carps. "So stupid."

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