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Stumbling Toward Ecstasy

At the twin towers, which are glittering under a rainbow, Other Rachel and Dave find the clue box standing in front of a fountain. Cut to Phil standing on the very edge of the roof of one of the buildings, hollering into the void, "Teams must now make their way to the top of this 45-story tower the hard way." Meaning they'll have to use ascenders, which longtime viewers already know as the ratchet-like tools that allow people who can't climb a rope to climb a rope anyway. In this case, the ropes lead all the way from where they're anchored to the concrete plaza like guylines to the roof, stretched tight at about a 75-degree angle. From the roof, they'll have to "scour the horizon" (actually, just look across a narrow waterway) for their next destination, marked by a banner that looks like a small red-and-yellow picnic tent in a park. And then they'll have to rappel down the side of the building, face-down. "You're gonna need a lot of upper body strength," Dave warns. And some previous awareness that the last leg almost always seems to involve some form of urban mountaineering.

Brendon and Rachel are the next team to find the clue between the buildings. They sprint towards one of the towers to find Other Rachel and Dave getting harnessed up to the ropes "Holy balls, that's a long climb," Other Rachel says. "This is a really tall building behind me." Yeah, I don't think I'd want to do that with stairs, let alone a rope. She greets Team Big Brother and they agree that they'll be happy with whoever beats Art and JJ. Sure, they say that now. Other Rachel adds that it's good news that the Border Patrol hasn't arrived yet, "Because they have a lot more arm strength than I do." On the other hand, they're still on the road and driving around lost. JJ asks their driver to find a hotel. "Oh, I call and nobody know this name," the driver mumbles. JJ's like, yeah, hotel already. Art bitches about how the driver failed to do the one thing they asked him to do, but JJ says that it's his own fault. What happened to all their positive attitude so quickly?

Dave has begun using his ascender and is up off the ground. Other Rachel takes off as well, with Dave being uncharacteristically encouraging. "Slow and steady. Deliberate movements," he instructs. Just like back home in bed.

Art and JJ get to a hotel and ask a couple of parking valets for help with the clue. One of them suggests "a statue of a guy on a boogie board." So they go off in search of two statues on Waikiki Beach. Which is so not where they're supposed to be going, and the only thing in their favor is that it's not that big an island. JJ says this has been their hardest clue of the whole race, which is rather telling. "And knowing Big Brother, they'll just stumble on it out of pure dumb luck." Well, he's not wrong.

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