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Stumbling Toward Ecstasy

Back atop the tower, Brendon is telling Rachel not to freak out before they head back down. "I feel like I'm about to pretty much die," Rachel says. Brendon goes first, but if the idea was to reassure her it doesn't work. "I'm not gonna lie," he says. "Going down face-forward is pretty scary." Also, he loses his footing and slides willy-nilly down the side of the building for a fair distance. There's just no way to look cool when that happens. Art and JJ are ready to start ascending, but in case you've forgotten, like I have, JJ hates heights. "It's like you're tempting fate, man," says the man who has spent the entire race talking loudly about how he's going to win the million dollars at the end. Eventually Brendon and Rachel reach the ground. "That was so scary," Rachel says. No, what's scary is the extreme close-up from her helmet-cam as she crawls on the pavement like something out of a Japanese horror movie. They jump back into their cab and tell the driver to go to Sand Island, which apparently they recognized by name from overhead. Meanwhile, Art and JJ get to the top, spot the banner and get ready to rappel down.

Other Rachel and Dave are arriving at Sand Island without incident, much to my disappointment. They run across the grass to the clue box and Other Rachel reads, "Roadblock!" Standing over a guy working a big block of ice like it's his wife, Phil says this is about "a tradition that was first introduced by Japanese immigrants and is simply known as 'Shave Ice.'" One member of each team will use a samurai sword to whittle enough ice off the big block to fill a clear plastic beaker to about 14 quarts. "When they do, famous Hawaiian actor Taylor Wily will hand them their next clue." The large man in question does look familiar. You may recognize him from Forgetting Sarah Marshall or, by a remarkable coincidence, this very network's Hawaii Five-O. And according to IMDb, that and a role as "Bartender" on the canceled Fox series North Shore is pretty much it. He holds up a clue and twiddles his eyebrows at us like the megastar he is. Dave asks Other Rachel if she wants him to do it and she does. He walks over and sees the guys already at work, saying it's easy. "Wish I had the upper body of that dude over there," he says of Taylor Wily. "Put some weight into it." IMDb also tells me that Taylor Wily happens to be a former sumo wrestler, so Dave might want to keep his voice down. Other Rachel looks across the water at the towers and says Art and JJ still have to rappel down. "Looks tall from here, even," she says. Not sure if she means the towers or JJ.

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