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Stumbling Toward Ecstasy

Brendon and Rachel get back to Sand Island and walk to the helicopters, though not fast enough for Brendon. "I'm coming, Brendon!" Rachel shrills. "Do you not want to jog?" he asks. She very much does not and communicates this in a voice that would cut through sheetrock. "I'm trying my hardest!" she lies. Brendon breaks out his old chestnut about how they should just give up, then. "Why do you always say that?" she shrieks. Brendon yells at her for walking in the final leg for a million dollars. She goes from shrieking to screeching as she says, "BRENDON! MY KNEES HURT! MY LEGS HURT! WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO!" I think he already answered that question several times, but he just says, "Oh my god." She rants on that she hates him and that he's blaming it all on her. "Damn you! I hate you! Take it!" and she hurls the Amazing Purse at him. Now that's Crazy Rachel. Eventually they make it to the helicopters, and are soon sealed inside with the unluckiest pilot in the world. "All I ever do is mess up," Rachel sobs, because we've reached the stage where she tries to make Brendon feel sorry for her and make her feel better. He tells her to move on and they'll finish up and go for second or first. I'd say their best-case scenario is for the pilot to parachute out halfway to Fiji.

Other Rachel drives Dave and their new passenger back to shore, saying, "I feel like Baywatch." Only with more clothes on. They meet up with a real lifeguard on shore, who tells them they completed the task. No need for mouth-to-mouth, apparently. The next clue instructs, "Make your way to the Coral Kingdom Gate and follow the marked path to your next clue." They run out to the road, where there is a fortuitous line of minivan taxis waiting -- almost as though somebody had arranged for them to be here. They hop into one, Other Rachel promising their driver a huge tip if she drives fast. She should have also specified accuracy.

Art and JJ get to the Route Info in second place. This appears to be Art's thing, as he interviews, "I used to do the search and rescue stuff for the Border Patrol, so I think it's gonna be pretty easy." With that, he tows JJ out into the surf.

Other Rachel and Dave's cabdriver is making a U-turn, which Dave hopes will get them going in the right direction. Well, that's what U-turns are for. Too bad they've already gone a mile.

Art reaches what looks like a whole party out in the ocean, with several swimmers and a camera boat and who knows what else, seen in a wide-angle shot that wasn't previously shown. I'm starting to suspect the water's only shoulder-deep out here. Art nearly swamps a victim anyway, but he and JJ manage to haul themselves aboard the sled. Soon all three are back on shore. Back in their regular clothes and head-bandannas, Art reads their second-place clue sending them to the Coral Kingdom Gate. A new close-up of the clue reveals that it includes a note: "When you arrive at the Coral Kingdom Gate, take all of your belongings and release your taxi." So that's either the end or they won't be taxiing to the end. Watch the spoilers, Amazing Editors!

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