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Stumbling Toward Ecstasy

Dave is encouraging Other Rachel all the way to the far dock. "Feels like a million dollars," he says. Soon it's about to feel like a million dollars that he has to pay back. JJ says he thinks they're making up time, "But I think it's a forgone conclusion. So I'm hoping maybe there's a snag."

You're damn right there is. It's awfully early in the second hour, but there are the fourth through eleventh-place teams flanking the approach to Phil and the giant mat on a beach. Other Rachel and Dave happily run up to it and jump on. It's not the usual jubilant atmosphere as Phil quiets everyone down and tells the new arrivals, "[Other] Rachel and Dave. You are the first team to arrive. However, you have not completed the Roadblock and you must complete the Roadblock before I can check you in at the Finish Line." They're both very confused, to say the least, probably because they did complete a Roadblock. The other teams helpfully emote shock for the cameras, as though they still owe the producers anything.

There's a replay of that moment after the last ad break and rather than arguing it with Phil. Other Rachel and Dave hurry back the way they came. "What the hell?" Dave wonders and they paddle all the way back across the water as Dave understates, "That's a game-changer." "Paddle for your life!" Other Rachel says. So now all three teams have had a colossal fuck-up in the final leg. Which means it's anyone's game again. I can't believe it took this long to get interesting.

Art's sled makes it to the bottom of the hill this time, but Art doesn't. JJ says it's not their day. "It's not how we wanted to finish, that's for sure." Is he saying they didn't visualize this?

As Other Rachel and Dave make it back to where they started paddling from, Other Rachel realizes they didn't follow the marked path. They would have had to find it for that to happen. Back on land, they wander into what looks like someone's yard (zoning laws are for the mainland, y'all) to ask for directions to Coral Kingdom Gate. The lady who lives there sends them about half a mile that way and they run off up the road. "Dave, please don't talk to me for the next quarter mile," Other Rachel pants as they hoof it up the busy road. That's a smart request, but it might almost be worth the million dollars to slow down so his silence would last longer.

Rachel makes it back to the beach with Brendon and their "rescued" swimmer, clearly in a better mood. "That was pretty awesome," she says, before she opens their clue in last place sending them to Coral Kingdom Gate. Which, by the way, Other Rachel and Dave still have yet to reach.

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