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Stumbling Toward Ecstasy

The first train arrives and the lead three teams run a block or two (gimpy Vanessa moaning, "Holy Advil") to a station where they get tickets for the ferry to Miyajima Island. According to the clock overhead, the last ferry of the night is at 10:42 and the first one after that is at 6:25 the following morning. There's too much glare on the clock face to tell what time it actually is, but JJ says the ferry leaves in three minutes. This does not look good for Other Rachel and Dave. They hurry to the station, Other Rachel trying to make optimistic chatter in the face of Dave's baleful silence, while the other three teams already on the boat speculate on whether Other Rachel and Dave will be joining them for tonight's voyage. But the rope is drawn across the gangway and the boat pulls away before they show up. Art congratulates JJ on catching the earlier train while Other Rachel and Dave show up at the empty dock. Rachel points out how Other Rachel and Dave have won six legs, but with them behind, maybe someone else can win one now. "Like Brendon and I." There's a first time for everything, I guess... except for things that never happen at all. Back at the ferry station, Dave approaches a local, who points out the sign saying that the next ferry is at 6:25 AM. "That was one million dollars for one minute wasted," Dave says. This is about to be the longest eight hours of Other Rachel's entire life. He goes on about it for a while as Other Rachel repeats that it's out of their hands and he finally interviews through his perma-gritted teeth, "Won't dwell on the errors of the past." "Two hours of dwelling is enough?" Other Rachel goads. Dave is not amused. Clearly neither of them has realized -- as they should have by now -- that the other teams are going to spend the entire night on the island waiting for the next clue anyway.

After the ads, Other Rachel and Dave decide to get a motel room for a few hours, but given how they've been getting along, I don't think it's for the usual purpose of a few hours in a motel. Meanwhile, out on the water, JJ and Art are reiterating the situation for us: until almost 6:30 the next morning, the only three teams heading to the island are "Ourselves, Big Brother and Conan and Kardashian," the latter meaning Vanessa and Ralph. Heh. At the ferry docks they run across the deer-populated grounds to a floodlit shrine by the water. Sure enough, nearby is a paper balloon hanging over a sign that reads "Your clue arrives with the Rising Sun." How apropos. Brendon congratulates Rachel on at least being the first team to find it, because they have to take their triumphs where they can. But the other teams aren't thrilled with the "news" that Other Rachel and Dave are likely to catch up by morning. Indeed, it's still pitch dark as Other Rachel and Dave head to the ferry at 6:15 AM, so their race against the sunrise is one that they're probably going to win. While riding the ferry across, Dave tells us that the two of them had a talk and were able to "resolve a few issues," and they'll fight their way back into the race. The sky is beginning to get light in the east -- or, since they're already east, "overhead" -- as the lead teams converge on the clue while Other Rachel and Dave catch up. "I think Dave can take his poopy pants off now," Other Rachel tells us. Yeah, that seems likely going by the way he's still glowering even now. What exactly did they resolve?

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