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Stumbling Toward Ecstasy

After the ads, Vanessa interviews that she didn't want to quit and let Ralph down, but the pain was excruciating. "Worst moment of my life," she adds. She's had a pretty good life, clearly. She manages to retrieve one more chicken, then takes off her outer shirt and psyches herself up for the next try. They let her begin from a standing stop this time and she sobs all the way through grabbing her third chicken, keeping her feet even when she misses on the first try and then ending up in the balloons after finally grabbing it. Now it's just the run to the mat, but her face doesn't look like she considers it "just" anything.

Art and JJ find their way to the top of the Umeda Sky building and marvel at the view from the glass tunnel to the observatory. It's true that it seems like they can see all the way to the Western Hemisphere. The PCs are there waiting for them and the screens show them slow-mowing slideshows of the Detours, which isn't exactly dazzling multimedia technology. Fuck it, let's just go to Phil. He tells us that both Detours are about passions of the Japanese people: "Sushi and sumo." For the Detour called "Bingo Shout-Out," the teams will go to a sushi bar, grab individual pieces off a conveyor belt moving past their table and put them on a large bingo card that has the letters of the word BINGO replaced by the letters of the word SUSHI.. There's a caller who will be announcing the names of different sushi items, which the racers will have to identify as they zoom by, then grab them and put them on their board in the correct spot. Oh, and each sushi piece has a letter sticking out of the top and it can go only in the column of the SUSHI card matching that letter. Well, at least there are two S's. Once they've completed a row -- horizontal, vertical or diagonal -- they yell "Sushi!" and then eat all five pieces in the row to get their next clue. Complicated! I'm still not sure I get it after the first time watching that explanation or indeed well into the Detour itself.

For "Photo Cut-Out," each team gets a camera and two life-sized sumo wrestler cut-outs, the kind with the faces drilled out so people can put their own faces into the holes and then have their picture taken so everyone will think their head has been grafted onto the body of a sumo wrestler. Fools people every time. Whoever does this Detour will have to convince random locals to pose. They'll have to take ten different photos to earn their next clue. Less complicated! Art and JJ opt for sushi, however. "Old men love Bingo and old men love sushi," Art says in the cab. What is he talking about?

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