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Stumbling Toward Ecstasy

At the sushi bar, it's Japanese Game Show all over again as everyone in the already-crowded restaurant cheers when the caller with the megaphone announces, "Sushi Bingo begins now!" upon the Border Patrol's arrival. Art and JJ sit down across from some other patrons and the conveyors start moving. The first sushi called is unagi, in the "S" column. JJ just hands Art a plate of something with a snail and an S sticking out of it, but they have no idea what they're doing. Honestly, half the fun of sushi is having no idea what you're putting in your mouth in the first place.

At an arcade of shops with plenty of foot traffic going by, Other Rachel and Dave show up at a street photographer's kiosk with the sumo cutouts they've already picked up on the way. They collect a bulbous white camera off a shelf of them and Other Rachel start scoping out groups to flag down. The problem is that she's turning out to be a bit reticent about approaching people. Dave advises her to use her "flowery personality," but it's not going well. Dave advises her to go after young people and eventually -- even with lots of negative comments from Dave -- she manages to herd a few people in behind the cutouts and take her first of ten pictures. A voice says "Sumo!" as a picture-frame graphic is superimposed over the image she just captured. Amazing: those three random Japanese pedestrians now look just like sumo wrestlers. Other Rachel thanks them and tells Dave he needs to work on his charisma. I don't know if she means the task or just in general, but I know what I would mean.

Art, trying to complete a row, tells JJ to grab the item the caller just announced. JJ says they already have an H, not understanding the whole "bingo" thing. Told you it was complicated, but even I get that they have to have their sushi in a straight line. It looks like they're only a couple of spots from a complete row in a few potential places. But they'd better get a move on, because Team Big Brother is now joining the activity at a neighboring table. On the other hand, Brendon and Rachel are already stressing out at each other, so this might take them even longer.

Vanessa and Ralph's cab is still parked while their driver studies his map book. "Good day," Vanessa sarcastically says to Ralph. At least her eyelashes look good.

Other Rachel and Dave have their fourth and fifth pictures taken, so they're finally making good progress. The Border Patrol and Team Big Brother are still in the restaurant, barely comprehending what they're trying to do but soldiering on. And Vanessa and Ralph's cab is traveling aimlessly through the city. Ralph points out the good news to Vanessa: "We're in Japan." Vanessa tells him not to get nostalgic and quit on her. Ralph protests that he isn't getting nostalgic and he's correct. He's getting philosophical, which is totally different.

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