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Goodbye, honeys

Taraweasel and Boston settle in for the night at an RV park. Tara and Wil are bickering. Chris thinks an RV park means "Redneckville." Oh, shut up, Chris. He also calls it a "rustic setting." I'm sorry, but any camper on which you can prepare a grilled cheese sandwich is not a "rustic setting." Tara goes to take a shower. Wil weirdly tries to put his arm around her and calls her "honey," which I think he's just doing to annoy her. It works, and she throws his arm off her shoulder (even more vigorously than she does in the credits). Alex brushes his teeth. In the driver's seat. Interesting choice of venue. They don't show him spitting out the window, although he probably did.

Danny and Oswald pull up to the museum and see that it's closed. They park their RV across the street for the night.

Sunrise. Happy Lifetime-Network Piano Music Of Renewed Hope. Here is your two-second shot of shirtless Boston, taken through the window of their camper, which makes it look a bit voyeuristic. Is that a plus or a minus? Only you can decide -- a girl's (or boy's) kinks are personal to her/him. Alex voices over that somebody's going home today. "It's not going to be Chris and I," he says. (Wait a minute, let me check my notes…there was something about the infinitive…eh, I give up. ["'Chris and me' would have been correct." -- Sars]) Cha-Cha-Cha shows up at the museum, and then we see the Teeth arrive. The two teams talk about parking their RVs overnight, blah blah blah. Both Boston and Taraweasel are having little self-pep-talks as they pull up. Alex and Wil go up and talk to the guy at the gate, who confirms that they all can go in at 7:00. At the appointed hour, a guy blows a horn, and the teams are allowed through the gate. They follow Horn Guy on a run through the museum grounds to a little clearing, where they observe a sort of dance/ceremony/show. Chris just thinks the dancers are cool because they have tattoos. No, really. In order to receive your clue, it turns out you have to rub noses with one of the dancers, which they do. I'd venture to say that's Chris's first time rubbing noses with a great big guy like that. Probably not the case for Oswald or Paige, the other two that we see doing it. Anyway, the clue sends them to The Lost World, which is part of a network of caves, as Phil explains. Everybody's off.

There's some confusion and some turning around as everybody tries to get going in the right direction on the highway. The Teeth congratulate themselves, of course, and Blake says self-righteously, "Those guys will do anything they can to get ahead of us." As opposed to Blake, who never pulls anything to get ahead of anyone. Doesn't that lack of self-awareness make his head hurt?

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