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Cha-Cha-Camper. Danny is showing Oswald how to operate the camper controls. "I don't want to learn reverse, I just want to learn forward," Ozzie complains. He explains once they're on their way again that he only got his license a little while before the race started. "My first time driving a truck," he comments. "Or a house. Or whatever this may be." Heh. A relaxed Danny says from the back seat that he has total faith in Oswald, and that it's great to have a partner he can depend on. Aww. You know, Oswald is more flashy in his fabulousness, but Danny is just a doll and a half. I think in their relationship, he's kind of the dad, if that makes sense.

The Teeth arrive at Picton. "This is the make-or-break point of the trip for us," Blake says. One more in a long line of absolute, no-holds-barred, unbelievably key moments for them, Blake would tell you. He called the cab after the hang glider "the most critical moment of the race." He said the entire race came down to how they performed on the motorboat Roadblock. He declared the Sydney leg to be "the entire race." Paige's golf shot was going to "save [them] the race." Not a task goes by that isn't pretty much life or death, when you're the Teeth. They are first to check in at the ferry.

In the Boston Camper, Chris chugs from a two-liter bottle of Coke. Alex says they have to be sure they make no mistakes. In the Weasel Camper, Tara and Wil bicker some more about directions and something and talking and something and OH MY GOD SHUT UP. The Cha-Cha-Camper pulls into a gas station so that Ozzie can call and make sure there's space for them on the ferry they're trying to make (which is presumably the 11:30 AM). Oswald calls and inquires.

The Teeth have a discussion with the guy putting them on the ferry, in which he agrees to set them up to be first off the boat in Wellington. Paige gets it done, and she crawls up into the little bunk, where Blake is already napping. Up until this point, I just want to say I have no problem with their interaction -- they've got limited space, and they need the rest.

Boston pulls up to the Picton ferry terminal, and they come within about six inches of totaling a red minivan. Chris appears to just fail to notice it as they approach. That hat makes you stupid.

Controversial Teeth Footage Of The Week. "Man, that was a long drive," Paige says, in a baby-voice half-whisper. "I think I deserve a little shoulder rub," she coos. I'm serious. Coos. "A shoulder rub?" Blake asks her. "How about after a nap?" Okay, look. I am certainly not suggesting that there is actually anything weird going on between them -- seriously, I would not go there without anything to go on. But that was a strange, strange interaction. I know a lot of girls with brothers, and none of them -- not one of them -- would come anywhere near adopting that sort of flirtatious, baby-talk tone with her brother. I don't expect them to start making out or anything, but they have a really weird way of relating to each other. It may be that they're both omnivorous flirts, if you know what I mean -- there are people in the world who flirt with everything they come in contact with, including family, pets, and furniture, and that may be what's going on here.

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