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Taraweasel and Boston are not giving up yet. "Go try and weasel up," the Weasel suggests to Tara as she jockeys for boat position. "We're with them," Wil says to the attendant, presumably indicating the Teeth. "They actually have my pass, so we need to be all together." Sigh. It's all about the prevaricating this week. Lying, lying, lying. "He's such a jackass," Blake says, laughing the fakest laugh I have ever heard in my entire life. Blake could not be less amused. Boston basically worms its way up to the front as well, and Blake declares that "Alex is so full of it." I think the long and the short of it here is that it really isn't too difficult to get wherever you want to on the ferry if you're willing to jockey for it, and the Teeth thought that their one maneuver of getting The Magic Orange Tag was going to screw everybody else quite thoroughly. Turns out that the attendants on the boat don't give much of a crap, so you have to continue to protect your turf. (For those of you who have complained this week that it was appalling for Boston to lie after criticizing Blake and Paige over the luggage thing, I'd point out that Chris and Alex don't lie about being with Blake and Paige, as far as we see. Tara and Wil do. Chris and Alex just seem to squeeze by everybody and grab a spot. ["And also, it's not The Amazing Truth-Telling…Uh, Thing. It's a race. I think a certain amount of bullshitting is par for the course." -- Sars])

"We're [going to be] the first off!" Wil says happily. "We did it again." Shut up some more, Wil. Anyway, the Teeth appear to end up just behind Taraweasel and Boston on the ferry, so basically everybody maneuvered, and everybody wound up tied, so whatever. Paige comments that Cha-Cha-Cha isn't there yet.

Oswald and Danny pull up to the terminal. In this little montage, they go up and talk to the ferry guy, and it appears that they come very close to making the 11:30 AM, but they don't, quite. They're stuck waiting for the 1:30. Eek! They're not happy at all.

Commercials. You should take Pepcid for your heartburn. A white lady in a white outfit on a white couch in front of a white wall would never lie to you. With all that white, she's practically a doctor.

Drunken cameramen careen around the ferry. Blake and Paige take a nap as the weird buzzing music plays. The Amazing Yellow Line on The Amazing World Map makes its way from Picton to Wellington. Back on the boat, Wil and Alex are chatting through the open windows of their campers, which are parked within a few inches of each other. Wil tells Alex about the early morning smackdown that he and Tara had earlier. Alex voices over, "If that was, like, my girlfriend, I would have to knock him out, because he does things and says things that aren't even just mean…I mean, just utterly disrespectful to Tara." Okay, point the first: "IF"? Point the second: He's right about Wil. Point the third: When you're involved with a guy's wife in front of his face, the amount of latitude you have to lecture him on respect is powerfully diminished. Sad, but true.

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