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Phoenix Is the New New York

In the Chipster car, Reichen marvels at his own mad map-reading skillz, while Chip continues his iconic behavior of grimacing and driving.

Jon finally splits the rock, and Kelly reads the clue as he gets himself dressed. They return to their car and head for the national park.

The Chipsters turn off at Chain of Craters Road, and they run to the aforementioned lava field. They make their way to the clue box and pull the clue. It tells them to get themselves to the anchor of the U.S.S. Arizona, in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm sorry, Phoenix? Nothing against Phoenix, but...Phoenix? As the final city? I guess Omaha was closed. Anyway, Phil explains that when they get to Phoenix, they'll have to search for the anchor monument. The Chipsters run back to their car in their usual Chipster fashion. They take off, as Reichen explains that there were two possible airports -- Kona and Hilo. Reichen recommends Hilo, because it's closer.

At the lava field, Jon and Kelly are running for the route marker. They pull the Arizona clue, return to their car, and take off for the airport. Unlike Reichen, Kelly recommends Kona, because there are several flights out of there, whereas there's only one from Hilo.

At Hilo airport, Reichen arranges for a flight out of Hilo to Honolulu, connecting to a flight from Honolulu to Phoenix that will get into Phoenix at 8:15 AM. They grab the tickets and take off.

Jon and Kelly approach Kona. They manage to get on a flight to Honolulu leaving almost immediately, and they're in the air in a hurry. The Amazing Yellow Line shows you how they're getting there. The Chipsters land first at Honolulu International Airport, where they are still "Currently in 1st Place." They go to the phones to try to make sure that they get the best seats possible on the flight. They've apparently arranged for seats very near the front, so that's got them in a good mood.

Meanwhile, the Aloha flight carrying Jon and Kelly is arriving in Honolulu. When they get to the counter, they arrange the same Honolulu-Phoenix flight as the Chipsters, and they get the scoop from the ticket guy that the boys are four rows ahead of them. Four very expensive rows, one might think.

Both teams now have the same thought, which is to try to find some folks who are heading for Phoenix who might be able to give them a lead on getting to the anchor once they get to Phoenix. Both teams seem to approach people in the same way, despite the fact that Chip extravagantly congratulates himself on how nice he and Reichen were, but in the end, the Chipsters seem to get significantly better information, including an actual street address. The Chipsters walk by the gate and see Jon and Kelly there, and Kelly gives a wave. Not a snotty wave, mind you, but a very nice wave. She's surprised to note that Reichen won't even make eye contact. He unsurprisingly congratulates himself on how Kelly and Jon don't like how he's ignoring them. Man, these teams are pretty much equally mature. Meaning "not very." Chip explains, as they board the flight, that he and Reichen like Jon and Kelly, but have been ignoring them because "chitchat" isn't on the agenda. Reichen and Chip don't seem to notice that this hasn't actually resulted in a significant lead over Jon and Kelly, who are actually allowing themselves to have a good time, but I suppose that's neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things. As the teams board, Jon discusses the fact that there aren't that many opportunities to win a million dollars, so he wants to capitalize while he can. The fateful and final Honolulu to Phoenix flight takes off.

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