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Phoenix Is the New New York

Commercials. Wow, the Herbal Essence porn certainly does keep escalating.

The Amazing Yellow Line wings its way from Honolulu to Phoenix. Over tape of her applying lip gloss, Kelly voices over that she and Jon are both "fried right now," and knowing that they're so close to the end is incredibly stressful. "I just want to beat Reichen and 'em who's boss," she says. Jon adds that the race has been "a roller coaster of emotions," and that he's trying to stay focused instead of worrying that if they make one mistake, it'll cost them the race. Chip adds that it's going to be about "racing in an airport like animals...crazed animals." You know, sometimes Chip is just a trifle creepy, have you noticed? He adds that they know exactly where they're going when they get off the plane.

Drunken Screeching Cameramen are hurled along a zip line over Phoenix while several violinists are puréed in a blender. The flight lands in Phoenix, and both teams get off, with the Chipsters predictably in the lead, but only by literally less than ten steps. Outside, the Chipsters are first to the taxi stand, and they manage to grab the first cab that comes by. It takes off, with the boys telling their driver several times to "go, go, go." Kelly and Jon then manage to get a taxi of their own. Up in the Chipster cab, an incredibly cheap Reichen follows Chip's exhortation that staying ahead is "life or death" with an offer of a measly fifty bucks if the driver gets them there first. Please. As the teams fly down the road toward the anchor, Jon, on the other hand, hands over what he calls "the first hundred bucks," adding, "That's how quick we gotta get there." The Chipsters, however, appear to have the advantage of offering their cab driver a specific address, whereas Jon and Kelly look like they're just asking for the anchor. The driver does, however, seem to know where it is, because the next thing you know, he and Jon are negotiating over side roads to avoid what sounds like a congested highway. So I'm not sure the directions were actually so much the issue, as much as the cab-getting itself. Both teams appear to take a route over surface streets, but indeed, Kelly and Jon do then seem to drop a minute or so getting a final set of directions, which Kelly knows is bad, because she knows the Chipsters probably have the exact address of the place.

Indeed, first to hop out of their cab at the anchor are Chip and Reichen. Chip overenunciates the clue as usual, and it leads them to the southeast entrance of Sun Devil Stadium. They hop in their cab and zoom off. Jon and Kelly drive up and get the clue from the anchor as well. As Jon tries to dash for the cab, he tries to jump over a low wall and basically racks himself, pretty much crotch-first. (Incidentally, I was watching this part of the episode with Loud Pushy Frank, who interjected: "Now that hurt. I'm tellin' you right now, that hurt.") They hop the wall and get back to their cab, asking the driver for Sun Devil Stadium.

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