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In the Chipster cab, Chip reminds the driver what entrance they're looking for, while Reichen offers him another fifty bucks. Well, thank goodness. Elsewhere, Jon is offering his guy another hundred bucks to "drive like a madman." Serious drunken careening ensues as the teams make their way to the stadium through traffic. The Chipsters pull up to what is helpfully labeled "SOUTHEAST ENTRANCE." They hop out of the car, calling back to the driver to wait, but to turn the car around while they're gone in order to be as ready as possible to turn and go. Inside the stadium, they find the clue box. The clue is supposedly a "puzzle," and the clue says "Happy Valentines Day + White + White." As Phil explains, this puzzle will lead them to the seats in the stadium where the clue is located. "Happy Valentine's Day" should get them to section 214 (2/14), while "White + White" refers to the two players named White whose numbers are displayed around the stadium. Wilford and Danny are numbers 33 and 11 respectively, and the clue is in row 33, seat 11. The Chipsters figure out the section number pretty quickly, but can't make heads or tails of White + White.

Kelly and Jon approach the stadium in their cab.

Back inside, the confused Chipsters try section 2, row 14, but that doesn't work. Outside, Jon and Kelly come even closer. Chip finally finds the way to section 214, and calls for Reichen. They get to section 214, and just search it until they stumble across the clue. In other words, they never solved the puzzle at all.

I hated this. Hated, hated, hated this. If there's a puzzle, they should actually have to solve it in order to get at the clue. The fact that they were basically able to skip solving the puzzle and bumble around until they fell on top of the clue envelopes made this task completely, utterly, totally unsatisfying to me, and that wound up having a huge impact on how I perceived the end of the leg and the race. Luck is one thing, but in this case, I think you could argue that the Chipsters actually did not do the task. It said on the clue, "Solve this puzzle." They never did. Never solved it. Left the stadium without a freaking clue what the answer to the puzzle was. To me, it's like not using the right form of transportation. You don't just have to get there; you have to get there using the method that's specified, and as I said, if you're going to put a logic puzzle in the race, you should fix it so that they have to solve the puzzle in order to get the clue. It's not their fault; they wandered around and they found it, and there was nothing for them to do but take it. But the task was designed wrong, and quite honestly, seeing people win a million dollars who can't solve a logic puzzle that's about as hard as the ones you find on the back of a Cheerios box is not satisfying. There need to not be work-arounds. I hated this. But anyway.

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