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The Chipsters grab the clue and leave the stadium.

Outside, Jon and Kelly pull up and stop, and they run into the stadium. They run to the clue box. The Chipsters, meanwhile, read the clue that sends them to the west parking lot of Papago Park, where they will pick up mountain bikes and ride them to the finish line. Bikes? Mountain bikes? In a park? Across dirt? How is that more interesting than running?

Jon and Kelly are all over section 214 right away. Jon quickly spots the player names of White and White, and although Kelly's on the wrong track in trying to add the 11 to the 214, they're a hell of a lot better with this puzzle from the beginning than the Chipsters were. Pity it didn't matter.

The Chipsters take off for Papago Park. Their driver seems to know how to find the right entrance.

Kelly and Jon proceed to solve the puzzle perfectly, going directly to row 33, seat 11, where they grab the clue. "Good job, babe," Jon says, as Kelly seems to have been the main puzzle-solver. Not that you needed to actually solve the puzzle or anything. In other news, an extra clue has been put in place, so they still see three clues when they take theirs, and thus they have no idea where they really stand. They read the Papago Park clue and take off. In their cab, Kelly is completely out of breath and excited, because now she thinks that maybe they might be in the lead.

Both teams hunt for the park. Kelly is "hoping for first." Both teams are tense and nervous in their cabs.

Someone's cab pulls up at the park. The door opens. The Chipsters emerge. They get on bikes. And if you liked the non-copyright-infringing- quasi-Gladiator music at the end of Season One, you certainly will have nothing good to say about the crap-ass theme that plays here, which sounds sort of like the backdrop for a commercial for weight-loss pills. You can almost hear the voice saying, "I lost 51 pounds in just nine weeks, and now I can pick up my grandchildren again!" The boys get on their bikes.

Phil waits at the mat. The very, very bad music plays. The rest of the teams are seen doing their phony-looking clapping-and-cheering thing. The Chipsters approach the mat.

Kelly and Jon emerge from their cab and hop on their bikes.

Here come the Chipsters, up to the mat. They run. Other people cheer. Cheering. Clapping. Clapping. Cheering. Millie and Chuck, making out in the background. Just kidding. Chip and Reichen run up and land on the mat. So they won.

You know, a lot of people -- and I do mean a lot of people -- asked me on Thursday night who I was rooting for, and I said the same thing to everyone: "I don't care." And it's certainly more true than it ever has been in the past. These teams are all fine with me, and certainly I won't be waking up screaming like I did when I knew Flo had won. But as soon as the Chipsters landed on the mat, I was acutely aware that I was rooting for Jon and Kelly. I just was never really able to connect to most of the teams this season, or to feel like I really got them or got their personalities. Chip and Reichen were sort of the epitome of that. I don't object to them, and I don't dislike them, but...I mean, they won. More boys with big arms and big pecs, winning. Meh. Don't get me wrong -- it was still a great show to watch, and I still think it's some of the best entertainment on television. But...I mean...bleh.

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