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Phoenix Is the New New York

Tian is particularly hyped up on some kind of amphetamines as the teams all join the Chipsters on the mat for a celebration. Reichen tells us in an interview again that this was about proving that gay people can do whatever straight people can do ["including not sleeping with people of the same sex" -- Wing Chun] (because as you know, bigotry is usually predicated on the assumption that you can't run fast), and then he goes on to talk about how he can "feel safe and happy and protected" when he's with Chip. Except for the part where Chip is driving, I guess. I would also point out that "safe and happy and protected" would make me want to barf no matter who said it, so I don't feel embarrassed to say that it struck me as hopelessly smurfy. Chip -- rather humorously continuing to wear the Chip Stress Face -- says in an interview that he couldn't have done it without Reichen, blah dee blah. They talk some more about how much they lurve each other, which is super. And fine. Perhaps the fact that I think their victory is kind of a non-event is what I should see as the good news.

Aaaaand...that's the season.

I don't know. I loved a lot of things about the season, but that ending blew. Phoenix? An empty stadium? A puzzle you don't have to solve? Bikes? Worst last leg ever. I admire Jon and Kelly's perseverance a lot, and I admire the Chipsters for executing the leg perfectly (except for not completing the last clue -- have I mentioned I didn't care for that?), but somehow, the ending just came up short. It needed something they didn't have. It's a good thing for them that it's still the best damn adventure/ travel/ comedy/ romance/ social-commentary show on television, because that was not a strong finish.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Stay tuned for the skinny on the New York festivities, including clown noses, Coronas, the beauty of Phil, and the fact that somehow, I managed not to meet Bert. What's up with that? Where is the love, anyway? Damn.

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