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Everyone jumping, everyone screaming, everyone smiling. David points out that the view wasn't bad on the way down, either. Reichen, like Kelly, manages to get some loose skin action going on account of the wind, so I guess he's not entirely made of wax after all. He looks at one point like he's actually trying to close his mouth and stop his cheeks from wobbling, but I would hate to think he was that conscious of the camera. I mean, if you can think about how you look while you hurtle toward the earth in the grip of gravity, you've really reached quite a high level of...whatever that quality is.

There is jumping, smiling, and admiring of the scenery. There's just really not all that much to say. It's a You Are A Prop In A Physics Problem kind of task.

David and Jeff high-five once they are on the ground. There is no hugging, of course, because there is no hugging for Who. In case you haven't been following, the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters have elevated Team Who's failure to hug to the newest imaginary storyline (in the great tradition of the Secret Love of Rob and Margarita), in which many imagine that Jeff (a.k.a. "Little Who") is the sad little hugger while David ("Big Who") is the mean old non-hugger. It's all very tragic. Shed a little tear. Anyway, once they have most definitely not hugged, Team Who pulls their clue, and they find that their next task is to fly to Hawaii. There, they'll get a car and drive to Kaulana Bay, which happens to be the southernmost point in the United States, a fact Phil manages to pronounce as if it is either an internationally sensitive secret or a sex move. ["Oh, Phil. You are dreamy" -- Wing Chun] Team Who runs for a taxi to the airport.

Jon and Kelly land. "You might want to check her pants; I think she mighta taken a leak," he comments chivalrously as Kelly skitters to a stop. You've gotta love a boyfriend who's got respect for your dignity. I wonder whether that one or the "once a week" speech made Kelly happier when she watched the show at home. As the ground guys unstrap Kelly from the gear, she explains to Jon how scared she was. "I started flippin' out," she acknowledges. She adds, however, that after that, it was "awesome." They read the clue. Aw, they're wearing their Texas/Jersey shirts again. I love those. They get a taxi.

Chip lands first. "Where's my boy?" he asks, looking back up at the sky. Reichen lands just behind him, with his legs out in a perfect pike position. He would. As usual, Chip's pronunciation of the clue is all wiggy. They grab a cab. Unlike Team Who and Jon and Kelly, the Chipsters ask for the domestic terminal, rather than international. In the Who car, however, the boys are talking, and Jeff emphasizes that he thinks getting to Sydney is the only way to go. As they walk into the domestic terminal, Jeff notes that he thought that Qantas has a hub in Sydney, so obviously, you'd have the most options and flights from there. Behind the Whos, Jon and Kelly now show at the international terminal as well

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