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The Chipsters, on the other hand, are at the domestic terminal. Chip explains that they've both traveled enough to know that Qantas is very accommodating and will help in any way they can, so they figured that the domestic terminal would be best. When they get there, they find that there are no other teams there, so that helps them as well.

Back at international, Team Who is working with a ticket agent, and Kelly voices over that they do not want Jon and Kelly to see what they're doing. Kelly, therefore, heads over to a different agent, who explains that while there is a flight to Sydney leaving right away, they'll miss the connection to Honolulu, so there's not much point in doing that. Kelly asks about maybe connecting through Tokyo. Having talked to the agent, Kelly walks over to Jon, who is standing just behind David and Jeff. Proving that for once, she is a contestant who knows the difference between when it is and is not important to keep secrets, she pulls Jon's ear down to her mouth and murmurs that there are no flights out of Sydney until the next day. Dum-dum-duuuuum! "There's no point in going to Sydney," she adds. Fatefully, Team Who is -- as Kelly has this conversation with Jon -- booking their flight from Cairns to Sydney. The lady also hooks them up with a flight to Honolulu -- but it isn't until the next day, just as Kelly was told. Once the guys leave, Kelly steps up and just says to the lady that she wants the best way to get to Honolulu today.

As David and Jeff walk to the Sydney flight, Jeff explains that they've booked the flight from Sydney to Honolulu the next day, but they're going to go to Sydney where he's sure they can hook themselves up with something faster. Jeff says that the Cairns airport is small, so there's not a lot of help available, which is why he's sure Sydney will be better. They board as the ominous winds of fate blow loudly on the soundtrack. Blow, ye winds! Shall Who be doomed? Blow, ye winds, blow! Their flight takes off. Back in the airport, Jon says that he thinks the boys jumped on the first flight out of Cairns, "not really seeing the big picture." I think I agree. I think they're lucky if they can locate the big picture, actually, even when it has neon lights around it and features giant searchlights waving around in the sky. "I think that was a mistake, so...we'll see," he adds.

Over in Domestic, Reichen is setting up a route connecting through -- you guessed it -- Tokyo. And back in International, Kelly and Jon wind up grabbing the same route. Reichen explains that he and Chip now had to stroll over to the international terminal to pick up their boarding passes.

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