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David and Jeff's flight lands at the Sydney airport. Jeff sets himself up on the phone in the terminal. "I have a flight scheduled to Honolulu tomorrow," he says to someone. "I want to go to Honolulu now." Now, aside from the fact that he sounds like a petulant debutante, this is what I think is bizarre. If he's doing it by phone, what's the point of being in Sydney? You know what I mean? Cairns has phones, no? Oy.

The Chipsters and Jon and Kelly get on the same flight from Cairns to Tokyo. On the flight, we hear Reichen voice over that they've only got forty-five minutes to make their connection in Tokyo, during which time they have to go get their boarding passes, among other things -- presumably because they're switching to a United flight, so Qantas couldn't ticket them in Cairns.

At the Sydney airport, Jeff gets off the phone to the excited inquiries of a lady in a mustard-yellow jacket who has apparently adopted him. "Did you do it?" she asks. He explains that he wants to try to grab a JAL flight to...wait for it...Tokyo. At the JAL office, however, Who is told that there are no more flights out to Tokyo tonight on JAL. David describes this in an ominous voice-over as "the first dagger," and goes on to say that although it didn't kill them, it put them on a course of sort of death-avoidance. At another counter, the lady gives them the same crap news. "To the States? You've missed it," she says. Dagger! "There's nothing available?" they ask. "No, nothing," she says. Yow. Jeff voices over that they spent about three hours in Sydney trying to find other ways through New Zealand or through the French Polynesian islands (hey, at least they could order fruity drinks with little umbrellas on them while they waited for a flight to open up) or Beijing, but doors keep slamming in their faces every time they turn around. Also, interestingly, one of our only shots ever of the actual Race Rules comes as David works the phone, holding his little scratch paper over what I think are the aforementioned Rules. One says, "Driving Rules," and it does indeed confirm the "Obey all posted speed limits" rule. Anyway, a slo-mo shot of the boys walking through the airport is your best indication yet that something very, very grave is happening here.

As the flight to Tokyo lands, Kelly voices over again that they've got a very short time to make the connection to Honolulu. When they get off the flight, the Chipsters get directions to the United terminal from one lady, while Jon and Kelly get them from another lady who sends them on the tram. Once they're on the tram with the doors closed, however, they see the girl who gave them directions running up to the tram telling them to get off. Too late. The Chipsters, meanwhile, are also trying to locate exactly where they need to be. Jon and Kelly de-tram, with Kelly muttering that she's nervous that they came all the way to the other terminal without boarding passes. Elsewhere, the Chipsters are getting on an orange bus that promises to get them to where they need to be. As Jon works on the situation with a ticket lady, Kelly tells the camera that Jon made "a rash decision" to leave the previous terminal, and now they're not where they should be, and they need to get a bus in order to get to the flight. That would be the bus that the Chipsters are getting off of as we speak. They run into the terminal and toward the gate.

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