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Jon and Kelly's situation is substantially more dicey. They're told to get to a different terminal, and Kelly voices over with great admiration that although she didn't care for the way the system worked at the airport, they got super help from a woman working there who called a special bus for them and ran them out to it in her high heels. Now that's service. "Please, please, please let us get there," Kelly prays on the bus.

The Chipsters arrive at the gate and say that they need boarding passes. Jon and Kelly? Still running toward the terminal. Reichen is working on the boarding passes, and across the room, an obviously tired Chip offers the opinion that Reichen is "on a roll." Chip chalks this up to "his gorgeous face and his sweet demeanor." Well, it's good to love your sweetie. And not that necessary to see him as others do. Jon and Kelly run up just then to grab their boarding passes as well. The Chipsters finish their business at the counter and head for the plane, at which point Jon starts to complain to the gate lady that the people he's "traveling with" made the flight, so he needs to make the flight. Kelly admonishes him not to be a dick, and he bites his tongue -- hard -- and stops making it worse. The Chipsters step across the doorway of the plane and are aboard. Back at the counter, Jon explains to an airline guy that their names are already on the list, and that they desperately need to get on the flight. "I'm sorry," the guy says. "We are about to close the door." As Kelly explains, the lady who brought them over comes up and tries to negotiate on their behalf, but the mean gate man just keeps telling her "no." No, no, no. Outside, the airplane engines rev. "There's another Honolulu flight," the guy tells Jon and Kelly. Jon tries to explain that he knows that, but that he needs this flight. The guy explains that the difference between when the Chipsters arrived and when Jon and Kelly arrived is the difference between making the flight and not. "I'm sorry," he says, "we cannot change the decision right now." The guy mutters about closing the doors five minutes prior to departure, yada yada, as Kelly goes over and plunks herself down on a bank of chairs. The flight from Tokyo to Honolulu takes off with the Chipsters aboard, and with no Jon and Kelly. Reichen explains in a knife-twisting voice-over that not only did they get on the flight and Jon and Kelly didn't, but they purchased economy tickets and got to sit in business class. Sometimes, the world just smiles on you. And sometimes, it makes me hate you. A miserable Jon and Kelly despair in the terminal.

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