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Eric and Jeremy choose to break bottles over each other's heads. It certainly sounds like a good idea. When they get inside, they first have to outfit themselves in lederhosen. And then, out by the bottles, there is a woman, and she is breathing, so they have to comment on her appearance, because that's the law. They call her "a little hottie." Jeremy takes the first turn clocking Eric with a bottle. No dice. There is some horsing around that follows in which they seem to initially enjoy the slapstick of breaking bottles on each other's heads. There is an exaggerated "Daggit!" when the next label isn't a winner either. (There are people who heard something much nastier than "Daggit" there; I emphatically am not one of those people.)

Ray and Yolanda hit the "Roadblock." Ray takes it. He finds a gnome just as Joseph and Monica are arriving. Joseph takes this one for his team. Meanwhile, Dave and Lori are arriving, and Dave does the Roadblock for them. Joseph finds a gnome before Dave, so they're out of there. Ray and Yolanda grab some directions, and then we return to the field long enough to see Dave complete the "Roadblock" so that he and Lori can leave.

Detour. Eric and Jeremy enter their next overly rehearsed bit, in which they try to flirt with the woman standing nearby. Eric wants to know if she'll go out with them. She says she will if they pay. He says okay. Wow, hott. I know that's how I indicate intense interest. The only part of this I actually think is funny is when Jeremy sort of grumps to Eric about breaking bottles, "It was fun, now it's just getting old." Yeah. You can only break so many bottles over a guy's head before you kind of feel like you need to move on. Been there.

Lake and Michelle drop off Wasted Fern at his house. They and BJ and Tyler show up at Bavaria Film and grab the Detour clue. Both teams choose the bottles. As they're running in, Eric and Jeremy finally get the magic label they need, so they're done. BJ and Tyler are changing into their lederhosen, but a miffed Tyler says, "I need a changing room. I'm not wearing underwear." Of course. Of course he's not wearing underwear. Underwear is for conformists. As Eric and Jeremy leave with their clue, they make the girl giving it to them smear her lipstick all over them so they'll have it on their faces at the mat. As Phil explains, the pit stop clue requires the teams to travel ten miles to Munich and find a "monument to peace."

Lake and Michelle and BJ and Tyler are starting in on the bottles. "You're going to break a bottle on my head," Michelle says, a little disbelievingly. "Yes!" Lake says with enthusiasm. Heh. Eric and Jeremy get in their car and head for Munich. In the car, they congratulate themselves for the lipstick smudges.

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