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I Wonder As I Wanda

Welcome, Dave and Lori. You are team number five. Dave notes that they're proud of rising from ninth place to fifth place in the second half of the leg. Can't argue with that.

Welcome, Joseph and Monica, you are team number six. Welcome, Ray and Yolanda. You are team number seven.

Danielle and Dani are arriving at Bavaria Film, and they take the dancing. They start to learn the moves from the teacher guy. Desiree and Wanda are just approaching the Detour box. They, too, take the dancing. Inside, Danielle and Dani do a pretty fine job with the folk dance, and they get their clue and leave. As they're leaving, Wanda and Desiree are on the way in, so the teams were separated, apparently, by however much time it takes to do the dance Detour. Danielle and Dani rush off for the pit stop as Wanda and Desiree start trying to learn the dance. Desiree's version of the dance is not so hot, in part because she seems to be about to shut down entirely, but they get the clue anyway. I suspect that all the dancers are just about ready to go home and not in the mood to nitpick.

And then, Danielle and Dani, asking for directions into Munich. Wanda and Desiree, heading for the monument. Danielle and Dani, asking for more directions. And then, as Wanda and Desiree approach the monument, they see Danielle and Dani. So it appears that Danielle and Dani did indeed squander a large lead on the way from the Detour to the pit stop -- almost enough to make a difference. Both teams realize they are right together, and both park and run. But up to the pit stop come…Danielle and Dani, who are team number eight.

Wanda and Desiree come up to the pit stop, and the greeter says, "Welcome to Munich, Germany," in a way that might as well say, "I'm so sorry your dog died." Phil tells them they are last, and they are Philiminated. "We got lost," Desiree says. "A lot." Desiree does says she's proud of her mom, but she also says "these past four days have been hell." I think that double leg really, really took it out of them. I sense that Desiree puts a lot of responsibility on herself to keep things together, probably more even than her mom requires, so I think she's in a high-pressure situation of her own making, a little bit. She praises her mother in a post-game interview. Wanda also says she loves her daughter, and the race reassured her that Desiree is very independent.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Laundry. Frustration. Boy, have I been there.

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