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Speaking of Red Square, BJ and Tyler are just getting there, but not before sharing a warm conversation about how bad they're going to feel if Fran and Barry are out. Approaching the mat, they make a giant leap onto it like…I don't know. Cartoon superheroes reimagined as salad-bar dorks, I guess. You know? How there's always the one guy who can make a bunch of fresh ingredients from the salad bar into something hilarious that you would never eat? Yeah, him. Anyway, they make a great show of thanking Phil for the clue and giving him a dollar. Not for any particular reason, it seems, except that it will make the camera stay on longer. When they inevitably take the dollar back from him, they say, "Don't waste this opportunity, Phil!" Given that this remark has absolutely nothing to do with what's happening on the show, they fairly obviously decided before leaving home that they would shoehorn in a No Opportunity Wasted shout-out for Phil, and it is unbelievable to me that this non sequitur is the best they could do. Like, the opportunity of a dollar? That they're returning? What? ["I did enjoy the way the shot was framed when the redhead -- Tyler? -- yoinked the dollar back from Phil. …Hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day." -- Sars]

BJ and Tyler are standing just away from the mat as Fran and Barry approach, and Tyler acts all excited that Fran and Barry have arrived promptly and are thus "still in it," as he says. Of course, given that this was not a pit stop, they would still be in it even if they were last, nitwit. Way to pay attention to what just happened. Barry steps on the mat and announces, "Fran and Barry are here!", which makes me painfully nostalgic for "We're comin', Phil!" Which I hated at the time, but now miss every single season, because while it seemed shticky by the end, it was oddly effortless and clearly from the heart, and I miss that very much these days.

At any rate, Fran and Barry go into another of their I Can't Believe It's Not Us Being Eliminated routines, full of yelping, and BJ and Tyler give them hugs. Remember how I said I liked it when teams I like all like each other? I like this, too, when the opposite happens. No blurry lines! Everything black and white! Some teams good! Other teams evil! Hulk hate peaceniks and old people! In their cab, Barry refers to himself and Fran in the third person yet again, as BJ and Tyler discuss how "it's not over until the Phil sings." And if you want to see a nice piece of editing, there's a sign on top of a building that lights up to say "PHIL" just as this line is uttered. That is nicely done.

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