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Trolley Detour. Danielle and Dani frantically scrub their trolley car, which I am just guessing is the first time they've taken on a task of this particular type. Wanda and Desiree strain to satisfy a picky inspector. Dave and Lori keep on scrubbing. Joseph and Monica think it "sucks." Finally, Wanda and Desiree finish and get their clue, and Wanda forcefully hugs the Russian trolley guy, giving him what would probably be the thrill of a lifetime, assuming his entire lifetime consists of overseeing trolley washing. Danielle and Dani finish next.

Team Yutz arrives at the airport, and they ask for two tickets to Frankfurt. Lake and Michelle are close behind. When Lake and Michelle get there, however, they learn that the same flight that Yutz has just been ticketed on is closed to them. No way to get on. "Dadgummit," is all Lake has to say. One of the boys has to call the ticket agent "beautiful" before they leave to board their plane. I'm sure she's very excited, like, "Thanks, Gregory Pecs, we don't get nearly enough unctuous American douchebags around here." Their flight leaves at 7:05 PM, leaving an unhappy Lake and Michelle back at the airport.

Joseph and Monica finish up their trolley and get their clue. Dave and Lori finish at the same time. These two teams decide to share a cab to Red Square. Speaking of which, Desiree and Wanda and Danielle and Dani are all stepping on the mat together, so they either know they're not last or they know it's not a pit stop. Or they suffer from a lack of ambition at a level I do not wish to contemplate. They all get the clue for Frankfurt, and none seem at all surprised. They leave in cabs for the airport. Danielle, meanwhile, suggests stapling the fanny pack to her ass. Hey, she may have learned an unconventional version of "her lesson," but she seems to have learned it nevertheless. You make that a nice tight buckle instead of a staple, and she's onto something.

MoJo and Dave and Lori, in the last two spots, get out of their cab. Being the faster runners, MoJo gets to the mat first. It also looks like Dave and Lori screw up the navigation a little. Neither team seems particularly shocked when they get the news that the leg isn't over, including Dave and Lori, who leave the pit stop muttering, in her case, about "Phil, being his dramatic self." Heh. And they didn't even get the eyebrow or the incredibly drawn-out pause. For Phil, that was relatively straightforward. It's not until you've seen him be really cruel that you appreciate the moments in which he treats you well. Dave remarks that they're not too happy about being last "to arrive at the psych-you-out pit stop." They get a cab for the airport.

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