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On Hendekea's first attempt, she can't even really get a good grip on the pole, so she really just kind of jumps directly into the water. Rachel, on the other hand, gets it the first time. She sort of sits in the mud on the other side, but hey, it's close enough. Vyxsin tells Kynt he needs to hurry up and try, because Rachel's done. "Oh, I can do that," Don assures Nick. "Watch Pinky do it," Nick says to Don as Kynt makes his first attempt. Aaaand...he half-asses it and winds up in the mud. Can't act scared of the pole! (That's what she said!) (Or, that's what someone giving her sex advice said!) Vyxsin promises that they can "hose [him] off later." As Don heads off to try the Roadblock, Nick predicts that "that may be a costly decision." You know, you can argue with the choice, but you can't take your grandpa on the race and then act like he sucks too hard to do anything. You really can't. You have to let him try things, or you really shouldn't take him at all. Not to mention the fact that he's going to have a much better time if you actually let him do stuff. So mostly, I was pleased that Nick stood back, despite his doubts, and let this go. I think I have a little crush on him, which, frankly, is a little pervy, given my advanced age. I apologize! Kind of.

Finally -- finally! -- Kate and Pat find their second bike and can leave. Meanwhile, Ron and Christina collect the clue that directs them to the bus. Marianna and Julia are already at the bus stop, and Marianna interviews that they think Ron and Christina are on their bus, but they don't see Kate and Pat yet, so they're hopeful about that. As Ron and Christina wait for the bus, he says he wants to "decompress and reconstruct what we did wrong." You can bet that's really "what you did wrong." Hilariously and yet horrifyingly, Ron now castigates Christina for "vacillating" about what task to do. Considering that he complained bitterly about the prospect of doing either one, I have no idea how he does this with a straight face, but he does. "So you've got to be more decisive," he commands. She hears him out and then says, "Do we need to be more decisive, or do I need to be more decisive?" "You need to be more decisive," he insists, missing her point completely, "because I let you loose on this thing, and you basically disappointed me." Christina stands there, probably feeling like Lucy just pulled the football away again, feeling like a sucker for caring what he thought and putting herself in this position. Again.

After the commercials, we come back to find Christina asking to speak after being told that she disappointed her father. She tries to tell him how hard on her he's being. It's interesting, because there are really two ways to go here. One is to say, "I'm simply not going to tolerate you talking to me like this; I am an adult, and you can't talk to me like this." The other is to do what she's doing, which is to basically say, "You are being really, really mean and hurting my feelings." In a way, the way she chose is softer, a bit more naïve, and maybe a little more hopeful. It's choose that because you believe that the person still cares whether he's hurting your feelings or not. She believes that her dad wants not to hurt her feelings, or she'd just tell him to knock it off and shut up. In a way, it seems to get to him, because he sort of shakes his head and then puts his arm around her. She tells him, "You really need to change that about yourself." He tells her "a 58-year-old man isn't easy to change." She doesn't back down or let him feel sorry for himself, saying instead, "But on this race, you need to make improvements overnight." Good for her. By putting it back into race talk, she kind of salvages it so it doesn't become nothing but a referendum on his entire history of parenting, because that wouldn't benefit anyone.

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