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And now, Kate and Pat. Lovely and doomed. Kate has clearly tried a few times, judging by her muddiness, but she does get across. Pat says that what they learned is that they still have all kinds of fun together. Aw. That's cool. She says they wound up laughing hysterically a number of times, and they share a quick smooch while Kate is still all gross and muddy. "Sweetie, I gotcha," Pat says as they pile into the bike. "You deserve to be pushed all the way." And...that's what everybody wants, you know? "Sweetie, I gotcha."

They land on the mat and are eliminated. They say they really just wanted to be around longer, and then Pat says they just learned that they're meant to be together and "balance each other really well." And somewhere in the world, someone continues to believe that they are a threat to children. Just have to fit that in there. Because it's so goddamn stupid, and I kind of love this show for silently making that point again and again and again. Mostly, though, politics aside, they're just nice ladies who are nice ladies, and I'm glad they enjoyed the race while they were on it.

Executive Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer.

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