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Shana and Jennifer do the hoisting. It's impressive that she can get the knots tied, but it really looks as she goes through the task like the one who's at the bottom is getting help from the guy who's supposed to be spotting her that goes beyond spotting her. Meanwhile, Vyxsin finally gets the TV tied up properly and lifts it up to the window. She interviews that she felt a little "Bugs Bunny" (hee) lifting a giant weight so that it was dangling over her own head. The TV does not fall and crush her so that she has to walk off like an accordion with her body playing "Lady Of Spain," so I think her worst fears did not come true.

Lorena and Jason are looking for the bus they need, but when they don't quite get it right the first time, they narrowly miss their bus and have to wait.

Nate and Jen's hoisting is going well, with four items done. And Vyxsin needs Kynt to do the last one, because she's tired. Meanwhile, Nate is struggling with the last item, which is the blasted TV. "You're a guy," Jen says. "You need to know how to do these physical things." I think she's actually trying to be funny, but it's totally not working, because he is in no mood. Meanwhile, TK calls over to Nate not to feel bad, because he can't even get started himself. Aw, it's like they're reassuring each other about their masculinity! That's adorable. And every knot that TK tries to tie is unsuccessful. I continue not to understand why he's doing it at all. Kynt lifts the clock, so he and Vyxsin are done.

Elsewhere, Don and Nick find one of their bikes, and Hendekea finds her second one. "That's what I'm talking about, baby girl!" Azaria yells excitedly. And: same as before. That didn't strike me as weird at all, but perhaps I am not on the lookout for incestuous overtones as much as some. They take off on their bikes.

Jen harangues Nate: "Nate, you can't pull it tight if it's not right on the TV." She gets angrier and angrier. "We're going to switch, because Nate cannot figure out for the life of him how to tie a knot [in bed]," she says with disgust, even though he did the first four pieces. Way to be supportive, bitch. Meanwhile, Shana finishes up the task, so good on her. Can't take anything away from that, even though I'm...kind of trying. She lies down on the ground and announces that she needs a chiropractor. Heh. They get their clue and leave for the bus.

Kynt and Vyxsin are directed to the #30 bus to Ransdorp. Jason and Lorena are still waiting.

Jen hoists the TV, so that's just another thing of which he will never hear the end. So they're done, and...still no love for TK at all. He's at square one.

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