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Head wounds and foot races

Down in the tunnels, Meredith is still hunting for the clue. He finally finds it, and they emerge from the cave as Meredith tells her what a "trouper" (ahem) she is. He tells us that he was blown away by how tough Gretchen was, and that it showed him "what she's made of" when she just was focused on getting the clue, even after she was injured. Indeed, the sight of her emerging from the cave, holding his hand with blood all over the front of her shirt and her head bandaged, will make up for a lot of moments when I found her voice kind of irritating. They finally make it to their car, and in the back seat, she reviews the market clue and notes that she can't go to the market looking like this. Totally. People who have never seen her before and never will are going to believe that she's ill-groomed, and what will she do then?

Rob and Amber arrive at the Roadblock and find Alex standing there waiting for Lynn to get back. "Good luck," Alex says to Amber as she takes the Roadblock and leaves. "Thanks," she says back. And you get the feeling in that moment that these people would probably be capable of getting along with each other if their partners weren't engaged in an endless dick-measuring contest. Which, incidentally, is shifting week to week. (Double-entendre intended.) Lynn buys diapers; Amber looks for diapers.

Ron and Kelly pull up at the Children's Home. And there's a whole gaggle of kids sort of hanging all over a big jungle-gym thing, and they break into an enthusiastic cheer as Ron and Kelly arrive. Man. They go over and shake the kids' hands. Kelly grabs a hug. They head over to talk to the lady who apparently runs the place, and she gratefully takes their stuff, thanks them, and gives them the clue, as Kelly says she wishes they could "stay and play." Aw. The clue tells them to search Soweto for a street where Nelson Mandela used to live, and at the end of the street, there will be an overlook where the pit stop can be found. Phil tells us that the last team "may be eliminated." Of course, it's the first hour of a two-hour episode, so...I don't want to ruin the suspense, but...well, never mind. Anyway, Ron and Kelly leave the Children's Home after grabbing a few more high-fives, and Kelly tells us it's definitely her favorite thing they've done.

Brian and Greg see Ron and Kelly leaving as they pull into the Children's Home. Contrary to instructions, but in keeping with human nature, they jog into the yard, running in and slapping hands and generally being so awesome I almost have to lie down. They drop off their stuff with the Children's Home lady, and as they leave, Brian grabs a few more high-fives and says, "Stay out of trouble! Don't do drugs!" So adorably goofy. You know, I'm not sure I have any defense against this demographic either, but I'm not sure what demographic it even is. Goofballs? People who seem to be morons but turn out to be goofballs? Guys who are packaged in pairs? No idea. It's easier when the demographic in question has to do with guys in bands, because then you can just hate yourself.

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