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Head wounds and foot races

1:24 AM. Lynn and Alex. Lynn, perhaps commenting on events yet to come in this episode, say, "Alex and I, we're people first and racers second." To his credit, Lynn adds, "Half of the prize is being here," and every racer I've ever liked has had that attitude, so there is at least that for Lynn and me to use as a shaky foundation for détente.

1:33 AM. Rob and Amber. As they leave the mat, Amber notes that the other teams don't really seem to like them very much, so that's how you know she's smart. She predicts that this situation will not improve. Is spite of their efforts to make friends? Because if it is, I think they might need some work in that area. "Needless to say," Rob elaborates, "I don't think we're going to be getting any Christmas cards from these people." I suspect that's true. And then Rob mutters to Amber, "Meredith and what's-his-name get no money." Yeah. It's good to learn names. What is this, the fifth pit stop? Dude. Learn names. Just because yours is grunty doesn't mean you can't pay attention.

Brian and Greg find the nature reserve and sign up for the first shuttle, noting that the second one leaves an hour later. Lynn and Alex show up and sign up for the second shuttle.

2:20 AM. Uchenna and Joyce, Team Take Me Home With You And Let's Have Dinner, Yay! Joyce says that at the beginning of the race, their marriage was "really rocky." I'm telling you, these things are relative. She also says that she was especially heartened by the way they saw each other at the orphanage with the kids, which is awesome. It's the least conventionally romantic things that are the most romantic, you know? They leave.

3:51 AM. Meredith and Gretchen. He dryly notes their lack of funds. "One team has none. I wonder who they are." Heh. "All right, we go as far as we can go," he says, giving her a pat on the shoulder. Damn. You can immediately tell that they're wearing different clothes than they were yesterday. Gretchen interviews about being a "warrior" without "weapons," but frankly, as we said where I was watching this, at least they're traveling light, right? They're going to be the first off every flight, traveling with no stuff...all they have to do is wear the same clothes for couple of weeks. What are y'all, sissy? Anyway, Gretchen also says they're not that thrilled about putting their passports in a plastic bag. And she's happy to be alive. Well, that's nice.

Rob and Amber arrive at the reserve, as Rob wonders if that's "the gay guys" in front of them. Clearly, Rob has noted the humanizing effect that it has when you use people's names, and he is determined not to fall into its tricky paws. They sign up for the second shuttle. Uchenna and Joyce are having trouble finding the place, apparently, and Meredith and Gretchen actually beat them to the board. Ostrich! Zebras! Uchenna leans into Meredith and Gretchen's car, and Meredith says, "How do you like that shirt?" "It fits you well," Uchenna offers. "I don't quite fill it out, my man," Meredith laughs. Meredith explains in an interview that Uchenna and Joyce appeared at their door last night with some clothes so that they would at least have something to put on. Well, of course they did.

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