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Head wounds and foot races

The 9:00 AM shuttle prepares to depart, and Joyce is excited, of course. "I don't know what they eat...hopefully not us," she remarks. Uchenna looks around suspiciously. Amber says, with a dash of humor that might be endearing if she displayed it regularly, "Just remember, remain calm if a lion jumps into the vehicle." "You wanted to sightsee," Alex says to Lynn. "I wanted to see giraffes," Lynn says, picking at his nails divinely, in a moment that weirdly makes me think just briefly that he and I should be friends. Rob notes that it reminds him of Jurassic Park. "What happened in that movie?" he asks rhetorically.

The second shuttle feeds the lions. Amber loves the animals. "I'm not making eye contact with anybody," Uchenna says. Hee. Meat is thrown. Lions eat.

POW and Pageant Queen arrive at the airport and park. They head inside and ask about flights to Gaborone, and they learn that the earliest flight that South African Airways has is at 1:35 PM, but Air Botswana has a flight at noon. Brian and Greg are the next to show up, as Ron and Kelly snag noon tickets to Botswana. Greg and Brian do as well. Yay! I'm in love with them, incidentally. Have I said? Anyway. Ray and Deana head toward departures, and he's unsurprisingly bitching her out. They eventually get to the airport and get Botswana tickets on the noon flight.

The 9:00 AM shuttle teams get back and tear open their clues. Rob says something like, "Look for your next clue at the next aar-va-dark." One week: Hemingway. The next week: Hooked On Phonics. Welcome to Boston Rob, people. Don't get whiplash. The teams pile into their cars. Amber and Rob decide to follow Lynn and Alex, with Amber making the highly karma-tempting comment, "Just let them do the hard work for us." She might as well have said, "Nothing can go wrong now!" Uchenna and Joyce do not follow, and they immediately realize it when everyone else...takes a wrong turn. When Lynn and Alex hit a toll booth, they ask for the airport and the lady tells them they have to turn back. We then watch as Meredith and Gretchen and Rob and Amber, all following like doofuses, go through the same cha-cha. Ask the toll booth lady, 1-2-3, turn around, 1-2-3. Not only that, but they've gone too far by about ten minutes, so it's no insignificant screw-up. That is some bad game play. It's actually worse play by the following teams than it is by Lynn and Alex for getting lost, because...lost is lost. Following is idiotic and lazy.

Uchenna and Joyce pull into the airport and get tickets on the noon flight as a reward for their intelligent racing, while the other teams do not make this flight, as a non-reward for sucking.

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