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Head wounds and foot races

Meredith and Gretchen return to the cave. They work their way down through the cave, and he warns her to watch her footing. And then there is the sound of slipping, and sounds of distress from Gretchen, and Meredith asking if she's all right, and his more panicked call of, "Are you okay, hon?", and her anguished holler. "Oh, honey," he says. And then he yells, "Hey, help us!" Wow, that's a little scary.

Commercials. Denny's will make you fatter before 9:00 AM than most people get all day.

When we return, assistance is heading into the cave to help Gretchen. "Help us, she fell!" Meredith calls. And then you see her -- Gretchen has a cut on her head, and as head cuts do, it's bleeding a lot, to the point where she has blood sort of smeared all over her face. Wow. They're trying to see how badly hurt she is, and she points out that she can see the fingers they're holding up just fine. Heh. "She fell so hard...scared the hell out of me," Meredith says. Aw. And then Gretchen takes time out from having her head wound treated to tell Meredith to go find the clue. Oh, man. Awesome. "Don't worry," she says. "I'm worried," he answers. "I've been wanting a face lift for a long time," she quips. Yeah, it's not brilliant, but under those circumstances, it's damn perky and impressive of her. And then she laughs, more for him than for herself. She asks the first-aid guy whether she'll need stitches, and he tells her she'll need one. A distraught Meredith explains how freaked he is while he looks for the clue. "Did you find it, hon?" she calls out as her head is bandaged. "I'm lookin'," he assures her. Gretchen certainly has some interesting priorities, in that she seems more worried about racing than making sure she isn't having a hemorrhage of some sort.

Kelly finishes shopping, with the help of her Fern. She returns to Ron and turns everything in. They give her the clue, which tells them to load all the items into their car and take them all to the Orlando Children's Home. Phil explains that this is about a five-mile ride to deliver the items, and they'll get their next clue from the director of the orphanages. Ron and Kelly take off, as Kelly congratulates herself for her "mad shopping skillz."

Lynn and Alex pull up to the market and note the presence of Brian and Greg. "We can take those bitches," they note. Sigh. Greg buys a blanket with a dog on it, noting that the kids will love it, which is true. Lynn and Alex rip the Roadblock. "Who likes to shop?" Alex says. "You do." And then he pauses. "Will you...promise not to freak out?" Hee. Hey, even Alex worries. I think if Alex can worry, I can worry. At any rate, Lynn promises, and then he takes off in search of a toy. Greg brings back all their items, including what he tells us is a pair of WWF t-shirts. It's like they were scripted for me to find them irresistibly adorable. They get their clue, adding that it tells them they can't run at the Children's Home. Heh. They pile into their car.

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