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Lis-Bon Voyage

Nicky & Kim get to the Coach Museum and get their Detour clue in third place, deciding to go with "Tiles." And at the "Miles" task, the two lead teams have gotten to the tricky bit where they have to measure the distance between two spots that are separated from each other by the edges of the map. But like most people these days, the racers are aware that the world is round even if the map isn't, so they just have to cross over to the eastern edge of the giant map (passing through a crowd of tourists) and pick up from there. When they get to the end of the itinerary, they have a total of 16,772 nautical miles. We know that's close enough, but they're a little nervous as they head over to Magellan to present their findings. He of course presents them with their clue, so they're good to go and still in first and second place. Their new clue is telling them to get to Clube Portugues de Tiro a Chumbo to find their next clue. And they happily take their leave of Magellan, thanking him for discovering the world. Yeah, I think we all owe Magellan a solid for that.

The second plane lands in Lisbon, and Tim & Danny pause in the airport to explain to the camera that they're about to get in a cab. They should probably just do it, then. Brandon & Adam came in on the same flight, and the two teams have only seen each other thus far. Not that they know what that means, as usual.

Nicky & Kim's cab drops them off in what looks like Lisbon's garment district, and they soon find their way into the long gallery (or possibly the empty factory floor) where the Tiles Detour is taking place. There's one assembled tile puzzle already standing near the entrance to give them the general idea of what they're supposed to do, and also piles of tiles next to blank cutouts at various spots around the room. As the baseball wives settle down to work, the music gets oddly epic as though they're heroically riding horses across the Iberian Peninsula rather than fitting together bits of ceramic on a hardwood floor. The detail of the dress is proving somewhat tricky, though, so they're practically the same thing.

Cue "Rule Brittania" again as Chester & Ephraim land in London, finally making it to the correct side of the Atlantic more than halfway into the episode. Now it's just a matter of getting to Lisbon, or at least the Continent, and as they amble through the airport they share some of their favorite British-isms, like "Cheers," "All the best," and "G'day," though Chester quickly straightens Ephraim out on that last one without causing too much of a kerfuffle or a ballyhoo, what what?

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