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Lis-Bon Voyage

Tim & Danny arrive at the giant map, which we now see is in the shadow of an imposing monument to prominent figures in Portuguese exploration, including, naturally, Magellan. The man himself, as Phil called him, paces behind the Okies, watching them with unmasked contempt as they take their measurements. Tim wonders at first how they get from the left edge of the map to the right, until Danny reminds him that the world is round. "Most people know that these days," Danny points out in a post-leg interview, just like I said earlier. After getting their total, Danny goes up to Magellan and says his voyage was "one thousand, six hundred and twenty-five nautical miles." Magellan responds by wordlessly tearing up their sheet of paper. Fortunately they realize they just forgot a zero before going and doing it all over again, and their second guess of 16,250 is close enough to get a clue. It clearly kills Magellan inside to have to hand it over to these maroons, though.

Brandon & Adam are making jokes about the legs and the sword of the squat gentleman depicted in their puzzle, but it's soon up on the backing and they have their clue, as well as a hug for the tile master who gave it to them. For this he went to tile graduate school?

Here come Nicky & Kim to the mat, where Phil tells them they're team number three. Obviously they're thrilled, and Phil asks how they moved from the back to the front. Kim credits their airport strategy, which is absolutely correct, because it's not like they burned through the challenges or anything. Keep in mind they were on the same flight as two teams who checked in a while ago. I'm looking forward to learning the time difference in their departures next week, which means we probably won't.

The Afghanimals and blondes reach the Coach Museum and decide they'll work together to do Miles. This is accomplished rather quickly and with an uncharacteristic lack of noise.

Tim & Danny reach the Roadblock, and Tim decides to let Danny take the "slings and arrows" task on account of how he's Native American. Oh…kay. But then when Danny's first arrow just grazes the edge of a shield and bounces off, Tim tells the camera, "Looks like we're gonna be here a while." Hey, that was pretty close, dude. Maybe not close enough to live up to your Native American stereotype, but still.

Tim & Marie get their painting-clue and Marie starts charming the locals, braying, "Does anyone speak English? Okay, help me! Where is that?" Does she think the waving the Express Pass in front of people works on civilians too?

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