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Lis-Bon Voyage

Leo & Jamal and Ally & Ashley have arrived at the giant map. The Afghanimals are brimming with confidence, saying this is going to be easy and they'll give the blondes the answer when they're done. The blondes have no idea what they're doing, but they still have an advantage over the Afghanimals because at least they know they don't know what they're doing. Jamal guarantees a correct answer on the first try, but they are the first teams to be completely and permanently stymied by the fact that the map has edges. Ashley wonders how Magellan would have sailed through all the land in between. "Do you think he might have gone through the Panama Canal?" Jamal wonders, apparently thinking it's a natural feature.

In their post-leg interview, Leo cops to having "over thought" this task, which is a pretty damn charitable way to put it. Magellan rips up their first guess of 31,000, but he should really feed it to them as well. Jamal thinks it's something to do with nautical miles being different from "regular miles," and the blondes are doing even worse. Their guess of 53,500 causes Magellan to transfix them with his nakedly hateful gaze as he shreds their paper, which immediately makes Magellan my favorite explorer ever. Ashley suggests switching tasks, and the blondes head out, the Afghanimals saying they'll catch up. There's that confidence again.

Up at the Roadblock, Danny fires an arrow into a shield. It's only the second attempt we saw, but there must have been a lot more in between because the nearest knight remarks on how long it took him. "In the battlefield you would be dead," he adds cheerfully. Now they're just on the way to the Pit Stop in fourth place. They leave just before the arrival of Brandon & Adam, the latter of whom takes this Roadblock. It must be said that as much as I make fun of his grooming habits (or lack thereof), Adam looks pretty damn convincing in that medieval helmet. They're headed to the Pit Stop in fifth place, but it's a crying shame there isn't a Comic-Con or something along the way.

The blondes reach the gallery for the Tiles task, where the baseball wives' and the hairballs' tile puzzles are still standing. Ally's only regret is that they didn't start with this one, because she's sure they could have done this one a lot faster. This is correct, because I think they might be able to do this one at all.

Here's Tim & Marie at the Coach Museum. Marie opts for Tiles, and I'm starting to look for a character on my keyboard that I can use as shorthand for her snapping at Tim, "Come on!"

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